Professionalism: The need of the Hour!

First and foremost, let us accept the fact that Manipur is one of the best states in the country. Yes we are  natural beauty, reasons, by Manipur has been known as the Switzerland of the East or The land of Jewel. We pride ourselves in that and why not? Not many states in the country are blessed like Sanaleibak  green hills, beautiful valley ,the Loktak Lake, the sangai and the Siroi Lily. However, when it comes to structural development, education, employment, startups and the like, the state sits far behind amongst the various state of the  country. A Reserve Bank of India report in 2013 showed that Manipur ranked a low 26 out of 28  states and seven union territories in the list for states and U.T. by poverty rates. A five year old report, yet is difficult to imagine that Manipur ranks at such a low place. However through, one look around and the state does not really seem to be poor. Rather Sanaleipak today is a land filled with opportunities be it job, business or startup (special thanks to BJP government in the state for the Startup Manipur Mission) compared to five years ago. In other words, there are more opportunities now then it was before   there are a number of small startups and companies in the state . However, it is the lack of professionalism, the working attitude of the people that matters now.

 Yes, many a times one has heard of complains about jobs not being done or completed, especially when related to government official works. Oh! The officer/official did not come oh this happened that happened, etc. Excuses after excuses One usually gets tired of hearing them. And that exactly is the problem with lack of professionalism in the state. The laid back, I couldn’t care less, so what attitude is adversely affecting the state in every way possible. If major companies or corporates of the world have survived it all and flourished, it is professionalism being  on time, Knowing your duties, working a little more if possible and seeing to it that you give your work a priority in your workplace. In other words, it is sincerity and dedication towards ones work however, what one sees in the working environment of the state is a complete contrast to professionalism. Be it a government job or a private company,, one hardly sees any dedication from the employees. This is evident from the fact that government offices are a failure be it the set up the employees who are more  interested in rushing home before its even time. Many a times, full time employees can be seen performing a part time work. So, where do we go from here? For a state to prosper, or for that matter, for a company to survive, there is a need for professionalism. Their needs to be a sense of dedication and hard work, a feeling that this is my job, my duty that if i do not work or perform on it, no one and nothing else will. We are in a situation where we must come to such a term with ourselves. We cannot always depend on our neighbors for everything or help every now and then. If one must survive in life and in this growing corporate world, we need professionalism. It’s simple as that and w will see a better Manipur, a better Sanaleibak on if everyone is more professional in their work.

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