<strong>‘Print journalists in India paid way less than compatriots in other countries’</strong>

‘Print journalists in India paid way less than compatriots in other countries’

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Imphal: On the theme “Organizing and Issues for South Asia Media amid Covid-19”, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) organised a meeting of South Asia Media Solidarity Network (SAMSN) which was held through online on Wednesday.

A representative from Indian Journalists’ Union (IJU) and Joint Secretary of All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU)  Longjam Arishrona took part on the day.

A report of the condition and situation of media and unions were given in the first session of the meeting by the leaders of the union affiliated to IJU.

On the topic of COVID-19, Gender Divide-impacts on women journalist in South Asia were discussed in the second session.

During the second session, General Secretary of IJU Sabina Inderjit said that journalists have been suffering due to Pandemic but that woman journalists have been suffering the impact more. Sabina appealed to all journalists to fill up the different mindset between man and woman journalists.

In the third session, the representatives spoke on the topic online media mobilization and shared various experience of Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka.

The meeting discussed about the different difficulties and sufferings due to Covid-19, the casualties of journalists, illegally termination from job, deducted of salary, no personal security, act and treatment of government against journalists for publishing a news of COVID which is against government, threatening journalists, discrimination against woman journalist, decreasing the numbers of woman journalist quit from the job as there is shortage of transportation and others.

President of IJU Geetartha Pathak said that journalists in India are paid very leas compared to the journalists in other countries while adding that only 10-15% of print media houses have implemented the Wage Board.

Inspite of proper implementation of Wage Board, some print media house still deduct the payment besides the roblem of downsizing in various companies, Geetartha Pathak pointed out.

He also laid stressed on the arrest of journalist for writing News of COVID against Government affirming that the IJU is trying to deal all the issues being faced by journalists.

He also said that while the government has announced package for journalists but they are yet to be covered till date. In this condition, we need to give pressure to the government, he added.

All together, 63 journalists from South Asian countries were took part on the online meeting.

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