Pressurize Centre to stop racial discrimination in mainland India, MSF urges state govt

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Manipuri Students Federation (MSF) has urged the state government to pressurize the Central and governments of other states in mainland India to stop racial discrimination of students and people who are working in different private companies from Manipur.

MSF in a statement said that the world is experiencing a tough time due to the spread of Covid-19 which originated from China’s Wuhan city. Most countries in the world have been locked down as a precautionary measure to combat the deadly virus. In India, the country is making effort to fight the virus by declaring 21 day nationwide lockdown. However, several Manipuri students and people serving in different professions in mainland India are facing racial discrimination. The people in mainland India have discriminated the Manipuris by using the derogatory terms “Chinky”, “Coronavirus” and “Chinese”. Manipur Government should urge the Centre and state governments in mainland India to stop such racial discrimination to avoid grave repercussion in future. 

It also appealed to stop blame games among the communities in the state in the wake of some individuals who attended the Nizamuddin congregation testing Covid-19 positive. It is the need of the hour for a collective fight against the virus rather than blaming each other. Nobody wants to be infected by the virus and to destroy the human race, the students’ organization said.

If anybody has a travel history at Covid-19 affected states and have the symptoms of the virus infection, he/she should maintain self-quarantine and stay in Government quarantine centre to prevent spread of the virus to other persons. Concealing travel history and flouting quarantine protocols to kill other innocent people may be considered as a challenge to human race. Those people with travel history should co-operate with the precautionary measures taken up by the authority instead of concealing for fear of social stigma, it stated.

MSF also appealed to the people to avoid spreading false information and making communally biased statements on social media platforms. People need to motivate the health workers, doctors, nurses, security personnel who are fighting to save the people in such crucial times. It appealed the health workers to work with a dedication and professional ethics in such hour.

It further said that MSF has started providing essential food items to the aggrieved students staying in different rented houses/hostel who are experiencing a hard life due to the lockdown and curfew. A survey has been started to figure out the exact number of stranded students in rented houses and hostels, it added.

Stating that the survey has been crippled by the ongoing curfew and lockdown, MSF appealed to the landlords and hotel wardens to provide details of the stranded students to MSF through its official Facebook page or its MSF 24X7 helpline no. 6033818937, 9366335852, 7005313509 & 8837430805.

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