Present political scenario created by BJP government: MLA Joykishan

Present political scenario created by BJP government: MLA Joykishan

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IMPHAL: MLA Kh. Joykishan of Thangmeiband AC has alleged the state government of creating the present scenario in the state stating that if government wants peaceful co-existence in the state as before, it should call for a special Assembly session to conduct a floor test within this week at the earliest

Addressing media persons, Joykishan said that they are all elected by the people to serve country and state and questioned by why the present state government has been standing against the entire citizens. The aim of the Secular Progressive Front (SPF) is to defeat and exposed the policy of the government. And if they are so confident, why the BJP is not calling an Assembly session to proof their majority, the MLA questioned.  

If the BJP wins the floor test, let them continue to rule and the SPF will not give any statement. But if the SPF wins the floor test, it is ready to serve all the people in a right way, Joykishan said.  Questioning why the BJP is afraid of the floor test and why they are running away, the MLA said it is a right time for all people in the state to think and discuss the situation very deeply. If present government and its coalition partners want peace, they must accept the floor test and no confidence motion, he said adding that winning the lone Rajya Sabha seat was by wrongful activities such as betraying, threatening, etc. 3 MLAs resigning at one time, it is history as nothing such had happened before, he stated.

MLA Joykishan also alleged that BJP does not have any principles but that they do what comes suddenly in mind. That is the reason why BJP led government is called dictatorship government. No every citizen now knows nor understands in which direction the BJP is carrying them, the MLA asserted. He stated that four NPP cabinet ministers withdrew support from the government because they do not like the way of policy. He also pointed out the long statement of former Minister L. Jayentakumar Singh saying that there is no way of surrender, retreat, compromised and enough is enough. And if BJP government strongly believed in the Constitution of India, they should accept the floor test now, he added.

We are all elected by the mandate of people, we are the representatives of each constituency, what we are thinking and doing is for the entire people of the constituency, he said.

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