PREPAK shares thoughts on 43rd Foundation Day

PREPAK shares thoughts on 43rd Foundation Day

TMB Report

IMPHAL: People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipal (PREPAK) has extended its revolutionary salute to the people, Party Comrades, Member Parties of CorCom and Leaders of the Revolutionary Movement sharing the struggle in the WeSEA Region on the occasion of the 43rd Foundation Day of the party.

PREPAK Acting Chairman, Kh. Sathy in a release stated that History is replete with stories of decline and loss of respect for the inalienable Freedom and Right to Self Determination of an Individual or Nation giving rise to instability and breach of Peace. Such stories will continue in the Historical march of mankind and no power will be able to stop or alter it. Though India proclaims its Political Independence, it is far from achieving Financial Independence, with an ongoing debate on whether the concept of India is an empire or a Nation State. Considering the Cultural and Linguistic Discourse on Nationalism, India cannot be termed a Nation State. Comparing the singular Linguistic objective of a Nation State as in Europe considered the birth place of the concept of Nation State, there is no such Nation State comparable with India, and the only Nation with a similar Political arrangement is the erstwhile Soviet Union which broke up in 1991.

Even after attaining Political Independence, We are witnessing a number of small Asian Nations and Nationalities being at loggerheads with India as a result of the treacherous policies and arrangements which were initiated by the Colonial British at the behest of Mountbatten before leaving India, thereby handing down their unfinished agenda. There are strong reasons for the contradictions in the discourses put up by the Indian Colonial Power and the Oppressed Nations, as the Colonial Ruling Class, using the power at their disposal, deliberately highlights only the Economic Questions while sidelining the National Right and National Question of the oppressed History of the smaller Nations. This forced discourse after obtaining the seal of legitimacy from the Colonial elite shut off the opportunity for the Oppressed Nation. The above mentioned National Contradiction has not been settled, leading to the failure of describing the period of heightened tension and struggle. The Colonial Government should therefore acknowledge the contradiction and then work on the Decolonization Process for sustainable Peace as is being done in the rest of the World, it said.

The National Contradiction began with the formation of India in 1947 and is continuing, and even in WeSEA Region where there is no Contradiction, there exists Economic Contradiction as out of the population of 135 Crore, 80 Crore are leading a life of abject Poverty and in destitute, and their Independence is not included in the concept of Independence of India. An Economic Revolution awaits India where there is no National Question. It would prove a daunting task to look for a meeting point between the dreams of Independence of a Community bereft of National Right due to the presence of National Contradiction with the definition of the Independence by the Indian imperialists. To accept the Independence of the power wielders of Colonial India by Kangleipak which forced into the Colonial Rule as its own would be impossible, it said.

Declaring Independence while keeping tabs on the youths of the Region by deploying Colonial Forces, Police and the Intelligence is ridiculous, but in this land ruled by Unscrupulous Colonial Agents, there are Scholars, Writers, Degree Holders, Electronic and Print Media who will attest to the claim and espouse theories, news and articles, Seminars and Oratories to present the Oppressed People in shackles as independent. The pioneers of Indian Freedom Struggle were products of British University, however it was only in 1980 that Kangleipak got its first University, and only recently opened the Law faculty. The pertinent question is: is the University able to produce Intellectuals of any repute or develop ideologies regarded in the International arena? Fact is that the University is still unable to progress on its own with no Research Institute that can sustain a nation resulting in the failure to conduct any fundamental research, PREPAK said.

The release further stated that a strong international pressure emerged on India’s claim of independence as questions of its Nationalism suppressing the culture, traditions and histories of its various regions arose. After the same questions were satisfactorily answered and peacefully settled in Europe and America, it was the turn of the former Soviet Union, and when National Contradictions arose in 1989-90, 15 Independent Countries were formed as an answer to the question in 1991. India’s Colonial Scholars and the power elite joked about the possibility finishing off the 15 lakh citizens of Estonia in a single Night by deploying World’s biggest Red Army-KGB which showed the contradictions in the Political Conscious and difference in ideals of Independence between Indian Colonial outlook and that of the Soviet.

When India regained Independence in 1947, interferences in Kangleipak , Tripura and other Regions under the pretence of British Paramountcy ceased and the Princely States got their Independence back but the Colonial Power elite and Scholars carried out false propaganda.

In 1826, British and Burma signed the Treaty of Yandaboo which resulted in Assam becoming a Colonial part of British India without its knowledge or consent. Even though Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya became part of the Indian Union, they were never part of Indian History which is clearly reflected by the absence of any Indian Kings in the ‘Cheitharol Kumbaba and other personal records of Kangleipak which became known as Manipur during the reign of Pamheiba. As in every occupied territory a fifth column – a class of opportunists emerged creating discord amongst the people of Kangleipak as well as in the WeSEA Region. During the time of Charairongba – Pamheiba Kanglei Cultural Nationalism and National right which has existed for over 2000 years was replaced by Hinduism and was portrayed as our own resulting in creation of the rich-poor, Hill – Valley, Rural – Urban and Cultural divide. When the Independence of a Community is lost, it is impossible to uphold individual Independence. Adverse Economic condition of a Community or Society is not the cause for Social Contradiction, but is an issue of National Question as the Nationalism of Bihar which is lagging behind in Economic Development from the rest of India has never been in contradiction with that of India as it has always been a part of India.

Though the power elite of India neglect or are ignorant of the History of the land, they often try to interpret history according to their convenience but the deep undercurrent of history can never be diverted or altered. The secret agenda of expansionism that India still harbors is a result of the slave-mentality developed due to the prolonged British Rule and resulting in its inability to produce any General with the high level of Political Consciousness as those of the Red Army of the Soviet. The Culture of creating Hindu colonies in the neighbouring Countries led to the need for occupying these Countries and still foolishly believes that contradictions arising from such expansionist policies can be subdued with Military action.

The agenda of Ram Rajya still deprives Indian citizens the right to development and is unable to nurture any statesmen of International stature except for numerous Hindu fanatics. Expansionist India might succeed in taking the lives of many brave patriots fighting for Independence but the belief and dedication to the cause of independence which is in the hearts and minds of every person in Kangleipak cannot be taken away.

The Indian Constitution which even MK Gandhi, Jay Prakash Narayan and Muhammad Ali Jinnah rejected does not reflect the rights and liberties of the Common People unlike the Soviet Draft Constitution of 1977 which was presented as a Referendum where more than one lakh amendment were received from the Public and provides for National Right, Right to National Liberation Movement and Right to Secession. Every Political Party regardless of their left or right leanings have given up the cause of the Class Struggle and are misleading the Working Class while most intellectuals of Hindustan are helping in the expansion of Colonialism using Universities and other Institutes as bases of conversion. The Kanglei

National mind has been tampered with the ploy of Chanakya/Kautilya and it will prove to be a steep uphill task to revive and alter the mindset of the people of WeSEA Region, but one of absolute necessity.

After the annexation of Kangleipak by India after October 15, 1949, without the consent or knowledge of the Assembly of the Kanglei Constitution formed with representatives from the Hill and Valley , the onus of protecting the more than 2000 years old International Boundary of Kangleipak has been taken over by India. In contravention of Article 2 (4) of UN Charter by India which became a Member of the UN in 1945, the Political Independence and territorial integrity of Kangleipak was compromised leading to the efforts to join the Decolonization Process being carried out the World over. On the other hand, there has been no incursion or compromise on the territorial integrity of India which existed before the annexation of Kangleipak and this fact has been verified by experts.

According to convention the World over, the Economic Resources of Kangleipak should be shared between the Hill and Valley brothers of Kangleipak only, but since the resources cannot be properly utilized till today, Kangleipak is under Neo-colonial economy which does not allow full right of Development to the people of the Region. The abject hardship experienced by the people of Kangleipak due to the economic blockade imposed by a section of the People from the place for a month bear witness to the fact that Kangleipak which have thrived for more than 2000 years without any external help or assistance has now rendered unable to sustain itself without outside help and generosity as it has become a captive market, unable to create products, market or capital on its own. We are at the mercy of the Indian Government at Delhi, and the agenda of divide and rule policy inherited from the British has created the Hill -Valley divide and restricted/prevented valley dwellers from visiting and settling in the Hills. Between 1992 and 1998, India engineered genocide amongst different ethnic groups and Tribes and encouraged encroachment of personal land. Since the import of a huge number of outsiders in 1949, Meetei who were once the majority group are now reduced to a minority.

With the advent of Hinduism in Kangleipak, the world outlook followed by the people of this Region gave way to the narrow distinctions of caste, race, ethnicity, class etc, so much so that the indigenous people started looking adopting the social views of the outsiders thus giving way to adopting the behavior, outlook, ceremonial practices and values of the outsiders, while considering the outsiders as superiors and leaders. As long as Kanglei Nationalism is not revived, we will be surrendering to the National consciousness of India.

Human resources which are created through Education are forced to work under the directives of Indian Colonial System, but till, instead of imbibing the high values and outlook of Countries like Japan, China, Korea etc, we tend to follow the Indians who were educated in England producing distorted writings. An active policy of expansionism and Colonialism is still being carried out in WeSEA Region by India, while Indian law which claims to deliver quick justice fail to consider applications relating to WeSEA Region properly and in time.

Manipur Land Revenue & Land Reforms Act created in 1960 divide the brothers residing in the Hills from those of the plains and planted a wedge of suspicion. There is no provision for ‘Right to secede’, ‘support to National Liberation Movement’, ‘equality of all Nationalities’ in the Indian Constitution which is harming the rights of the people of some of the places annexed by India. UN has directed India to remove all reservations on Universal Rights and to follow the covenants to which it was a signatory to the Additional Protocol on June 1977 at the Geneva Convention.

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