Pregnant woman carried on makeshift bamboo stretcher to reach Tamei hospital

TMB Report

IMPHAL: With no motorable road, villagers of Dunong village in Tamei Sub Division, Tamenglong were forced to carry an expectant mother on Makeshift Bamboo stretcher till Tamei hospital.

On Tuesday afternoon, people of Dunong Village in Tamei Sub Division carried a pregnant woman on a Makeshift Bamboo stretcher for 15 Kms upto New Chadon Village. From there, the woman was then carried on a Shaktiman vehicle to Tamei Hospital.

A video footage which shows the people of Dunong village carrying the pregnant woman on Makeshift Bamboo stretcher has gone viral on Social Media, sending a shockwave to the entire people. 

Dunong Village is far away from Tamei Hospotal for about 60 Kms.

According to a local of Dunong Village, the deplorable IVR road connecting to Dunong village got worsened due to the incessant seasonal downpour. Improper construction of Culverts on the said IVR road has rather worsened the condition of the road that people cannot commute on the  road during rainy days. There are still around 10 villagers in Kuilong area that remained disconnected during rainy season.

Secretary of Dunong village, Poudilungbou conveyed on the telephone that the villagers are always subjected to hardships from poor infrastructure and hazardous natural terrain, especially sick patients. Though lack of infrastructure exists as a whole but the hard hitting ones are from poor road connectivity and poor healthcare facilities in the surrounding areas that reduce the people living in the areas to tackle multiple hardships on a daily scale for their livelihood.

He further mentioned of the 21-year old pregnant woman Siwangliu, wife of Bejoy who had to be carried by the local youths on a temporary bamboo stretcher. From there she was further carried onwards by a private vehicle to Tamei hospital. He expressed gladness that by the grace of God the young woman delivered a baby successfully without encountering any major problem.

The members of Dunong village authority had urged the concerned department of the State administration to give proper attention on improving the road connectivity. The work for the same was started under PMGSY but had abruptly stopped since a long time back, he added.

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