PPCM to organize Manipur Independence Day on Aug 14

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Protection and Preservation Committee Manipur (PPCM) has announced that the observation of 74th Independence Day of Manipur will take place at its office as a part of taking initiative in prevention of Covid-19 pandemic which is seriously spreading within the local level of transmission. 

As per the press release issued by PPCM Convenor Jeetendra Ningomba it was stated that the observation is in remembrance of the day Manipur was freed from the rule of British Empire and as a signification of its independence a flag embedded with the image of Ibudhou Pakhangba was hoisted in the early morning at Kangla on August 14, 1947 after 56 years of the Anglo-Manipuri War in 1891.

In its message, PPCM called it the responsibility of every citizen of Kanglei to know the importance of having awareness and observing the day and enjoy the real essence of living as independent beings. There is no surety whether the present youth might have understanding of the quality and value of being independent, the committee said in the note.

Further, it appealed to the youths not to repeat the same mistakes made in the past which brought sufferings to the succeeding generations. It will be a matter of honour the observation will be hosted in front of the whole world, with the volunteers and activists supporting the observations along with adherence to SOP protocol. 

Further, it urged the people of the state not to create communal crisis over trivial matters by embracing prejudiced views favoring a particular community as the state is dwelled by different communities and cautioned that no group should engage in activities that will be detrimental to the state’s integrity while Covid-19 pandemic is escalating. PPCM will always stand against such attempts, he added. 

On the other hand, PPCM further expressed concern on the incident at Wakha area in Imphal East district and urged the responsible parties not to magnify the issue but bring a conclusive end as soon as possible before they face the counter reactions of pursuing it further.

It was announced that Laishram Peter will be the convenor of PPCM Student wing for the term 2020-22 in accordance with the backing of the representatives of MSF, SUK, KSA and AMSU and had assumed charge.

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