Poverty fails to dissuade HSLC Exam. 2020 rank holder from Kangpokpi

Poverty fails to dissuade HSLC Exam. 2020 rank holder from Kangpokpi

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KANGPOKPI: It is rightly said that when one is passionate and determined to reach his or her goal, no barriers can stop them. More importantly, when one is wise enough to bring into play his or her weakness as a driving force, then, success is no doubt in his or her hat.

Here is an inspiring story of a poverty stricken student belonging to Kangpokpi District, who despite coming from a financially weak background, have set an example that with hard work and dedication, one can achieve his or her dreams and pave their successful careers.

Satmunchon Kipgen, a brilliant student of Eklavya Model Residential School in Gamnom Saparmeina overcame all challenges and secured the 11th rank in the recently declared HSLC examination making his poor parents, villagers, teachers and colleagues proud with lots of inspiring stories for the younger generation.

A poverty-made introvert but brilliant Satmunchon is the second son of Ngamlal Kipgen and Ngahboi Kipgen of S. Jalenmoul village in Kangpokpi District who lived in a pathetic and crumbling mud house along with eight other households in the village.

The young shining star having also secured letter marks in six subjects including Mathematics is stalwartly back and supported by his reticent family including a daily wager father, mother and big brother along with his two younger sister who are in V standard and kindergarten.

Narrating his first reaction when he was informed of the results, a free trip to South Korea winner in 2019, Satmunchon said that, “I thought it was fake news at first but when I confirmed the news all of sudden the suffering of my parents and my big brother surface in front of my face one after another and thanked them for their sacrifice to make me achieved this feat”.

“He always stood in the top 1 at school but now how come he stood in the 11 spot!”, this was the first disappointed reaction of Satmunchon’s illiterate mother before knowing the facts as she talked to the media persons with a mixed reaction of joy and bashful.

Ngamlal Kipgen, the proud father of Satmunchon while narrating his first reaction over his son’s achievement said that I was at the river breaking stone for selling when I was informed of my son success through phone and added with little bit of emotion, “I threw away the hammer and ran towards my residence to celebrated”.

“For me hearing the news of my brother success is my happiest moment in life”, a visibly emotional Lengouthang Kipgen, elder brother of Satmunchon said, who had sacrifice his schooling at Class IX so that his younger brother could continue his study and rather join his parent in the quarry work to support his brother.

 The lone free trip to South Korea winner in the state through a quiz competition last year, Satmunchon Kipgen wants to become a commercial pilot. However, considering his physical weakness he wanted his parents and teachers advised as according to him they could give him better option.

“The immeasurable struggles to support me on the part of my parents, the hard toiling of my father, the endless prayer of mother, the sacrifice of my brother, the condition of my house and especially the financially unstable condition of my family are the mantras of my hard work and dedication which account for my success”, asserted Satmunchon Kipgen.

The other factor which is also equally important for my achievement is my teachers and the school principal who always have the positive side on their pupils, their dedication to make us understand well, their easily adaptable ways of teaching, their well-bred guidance and an exceptional thoughtfulness, he added and said that such quality of teaching and dedication of teachers will be hard to find in most of the schools, even in private educational institutions.

He also said that being an aspiring student I used have a dream to pursue my higher studies in a renowned college but I considered my school EMRS the best in shaping the future career of a poverty stricken pupil like me and it also has the capability even for a well to do pupils.

The HSLCE 2020 Rank 11 holder advice to his junior is, don’t let anything even your poverty to put you down, have proper timetable, give cent percent concentration and always keep God first apart from your hard work and dedication, if you really want to be success.

The proud father of Satmunchon Kipgen said till all my muscle and strength pass away I will work and earn to support him and his mother who could go 24 hours complete fasting in prayer promised to pray for her son till her last drop of tears while his brother would loved to sacrifice not only his career but also even his life for his brother as the family considered him as their only hope.

Addl. SP (Ops), Kangpokpi, Lalminlen Misao, MPS who is fond of inspiring aspiring students also visited the family and meet with the rank holder to congratulated him while motivating the young student with a monetary help along with a senior journalist Kaybie Chongloi.

S. Jalenmoul village chief, Tongkholal Kipgen also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the family of Satmunchon Kipgen in bringing laurels to the village while congratulating him on his big achievement which according to the chief is the first of its kind in the village after its establishment in 2009.

Meanwhile, the local MDC of Tujang District Council Constituency, Lamkholen Kipgen and his wife visited Satmunchon Kipgen and family and congratulated him with a traditional muffler while providing a monetary help of Rs. 5,000/- as a marked of gratitude and motivation.

The Executive Member of ADC Sadar Hills said that Satmunchon Kipgen success not only bring laurels for Tujang DCC but also jubilant occasion for the first time after many years of tragic news and I hope everything will be fine now.

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