Poster campaign launched to fight against drug menace

TMB Report

IMPHAL: As part of the series of activities that has been taken up in the fight against drug menace under the initiative of CADA, the Ningol Club, Heirok launched a poster campaign from Sunday.

In a press release signed by secretary general of Ningol Club Yaiphabi Ningthoujam it was stated that the fact can no longer be tolerated that many people in the state particularly the youths are drowning in the high waves of drug abuse, the future of Manipur has reached a point of uncertainty, and many localities and villages are under the seize by drugs, many households have been attacked by drug abuse related problems and the drug users in each pockets are easily identifiable by pointing fingers. 

If the series of government had understood the spirit of the anti-intoxicant movement launched by the womenfolk ever since 1970 and had sincerely taken up effective steps to uproot the problem of drug trafficking and abuse, the present perilous situation could have been altogether avoided. The previous government did the absolute miscarriage of justice when it dissolved the SIT and transferred the officer in charge in the backdrop of the capture of a huge quantity of drugs from Imphal airport, Ningol inferred in the statement.

It appealed to the N Biren government to implement its war against drugs with honesty and not for namesake only and avoid soft treatment of acquaintances. New laws should be enacted to rule out the all possibilities of drug lords and drug kingpin from receiving bails in the future and sentencing capital punishment to them, the statement added.

According to the Ningol Club, fast track courts for drug related cases should be allowed to function properly and expeditions in filing of chargesheets and judgment ruling should be ensured.

The club has supported the handing over of Lhukhosei Zou case to CBI and sought answers on the reason for transfer of officers responsible for the seizure. It claimed the involvement of politicians and law enforcing agencies in drug business and implored such deviant characters to stop their nefarious dealings. Only when people begin to work with sincerity and honesty, the war against drugs will become a success, it said.

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