Poppy fields destruction begins in Churachandpur

Poppy fields destruction begins in Churachandpur

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IMPHAL: The State Government has started destroying poppy plantation in Churachandpur from November 20, 2020 while its notification issued last year talked about trying to legalize cannabis (ganja) in Manipur.

According to the Northeast lives source 20-acres of illegal poppy cultivation was destroyed in Churachandpur during a massive drive on last Friday by a joint team of Churachandpur police, Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and the Forest Department along the Lanva-Teiseng stream.

The illegal poppy destruction drive was led by the SDC Churachandpur, Doungellen under the direction of the Manipur government. The drive was carried out along the western slopes of the district where the Lanva stream originates, it added.

“Poppy and marijuana … is now largely cultivated in Manipur particularly in the Hills areas by the economically backward populace but mostly practiced in border areas of the State. No doubt, this cultivation has become the shortest way to earn or to meet the expenditure for their daily life. Cultivation of Poppy, Marijuana, or the Jhumming is the same if we could properly measure our land use system which is greatly affected. The Government should give rehabilitation or need to offer an alternative to the hill areas in order to remove these evil practices set by cultivators.

Interestingly, this black business is legal even if the smugglers endeavour to transport to their concerned destination. The Law enforcer, Narcotics Department, the District administration, and including UG directly or indirectly are involved with this trade.

It is seen personally where Ukhrul police settled the case for smuggling Marijuana toward Senapati Border. Churachandpur police compromised the case for smuggling poppies in Thingkanphai areas. Majority of the Hills living in Churachandpur, Sardar hills cultivate poppy seeds and now slowly it spreads.

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