PMGKY reaches out to migrant workers and far-flung corners of Manipur

PMGKY reaches out to migrant workers and far-flung corners of Manipur

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IMPHAL: As the world grapples with COVID-19 pandemic, Government of India is also doing its utmost to help people fight the pandemic in our country collectively. The government has extended the lockdown till the 3rd of May, 2020 to contain the pandemic from further spreading and with Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY) it is helping the weaker and underpriviledged sections of the society during these difdicult times.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman announced Rs 1.70 Lakh Crore relief package under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana for the poor to help them fight the battle against this pandemic.

In Manipur, there were only two positives cases of COVID-19, and they have fully recovered. However, the state is still strictly following lockdown order as the pandemic cannot be taken lightly. As the state is almost completely under lockdown, PMGKY has been a great help to the people in the far flung corners of Manipur and also to the migrant workers.

Some Testimonials from the field:

Smt. Banita Thoudam of Dibong, Jiribam District has received free rice under PMGKY. She gives her heartfelt gratitude to the government for this initiative during the COVID-19 lockdown as this has helped her feed her family without worrying about earning money. Similar is the story of S.K. Athaipou of Lukhambi, Noney District received a sum of Rs. 2000/- in his account under PM-KISAN Yojana.

Smt. H. Boroni Devi of Wangoo Sandangkhong, Kakching Dstrict, Manipur is another beneficiary of PMGKY. She received a sum of Rs. 500/- in her Jan Dhan account, another Rs. 900/- for cooking gas and also Rs. 2000/- for PM-KISAN. She also received free rice. She expressed immense gratitude to the government for seeing to different aspects of the suffering of the people and coming up with a solution.

There are many migrant labourers stuck in the state without work. Dashrath Thakur, a labourer who hails from Khagaria District, Bihar has been receiving free ration from the government under PMGKY. He said that he isn’t facing any hardships during the lockdown and hopes for normalcy soon. Vipin Thakur, Lakshman Sharma, Mantun Kumar Thakur are also labourers who hails from Khagaria District, Bihar currently staying at Khoyathong, Manipur. They have also received similar help under PMGKY and express their gratitude to the government.

Smt. H. Sanajaobi Devi, Smt. W. Nungsitombi and Smt. W. Sumati Devi of Khoyathong, Imphal West District thanked the government for distributing 5 kgs of rice under PMGKY to help reduce the hardships faced by the people during the lockdown.

The Central and State governments are doing their best to help the people during the lockdown and also to maintain the norms necessary to contain the pandemic. Over the next few weeks, continued assistance from the government and faithdul observance of lockdown instructions by each and every citizen of India will ensure a quick and decisive victory over the pandemic.

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