Philanthropic acts on the rise during Covid-19 lockdown

TMB Correspondent

Bishnupur: An individual from Oinam Maning Leikai Ward No. 4 named Oinam ongbi Ashalata Devi, wife of Oinam Surjit, and her family members have distributed essential commodities to the households of her locality on Thursday at her residence.

Ashalata stated that she and her family have distributed the essential commodities as they are conscious of the great inconveniences being faced by the public of the state due to the lockdown imposed by the State Government to stop spread of the pandemic Covid-19 in the state.

Ashalata urged other people with sufficient resources to come forward and extend help in providing basic requirements of the public so that their inconveniences in meeting their day to day needs can somewhat be eased, while appealing to the public to stay safe within the confines of their houses.

Families of Oinam Maning Leikai Ward No. 4 appreciated the assistance and gesture from the family and received the items by maintaining social distancing at the gate of the residence of Ashalata. Vegetables, potatoes, salt, and other edible items were distributed to 15 families from the locality as well as those residing in rented house there.

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