PFA appeals govt to look into the matter of pigs dying in state

PFA appeals govt to look into the matter of pigs dying in state

TMB Report

IMPHAL:  The Piggery farmers Association (PFA) has appealed to the concerned government department to look into the current issues of pigs dead mostly in the whole districts of the state for further initiatives by diagnosing through mass vaccination and mass precaution.

While briefing the press media Ningthoujam Lokendro of Tairengpokpi, who is a piggery farmer rearing more than 150 pigs, said that it was unfortunate that the department director was out of knowledge and information on the dead of the pigs while he himself in collaboration with an association approached directorate on November 23, 2020 for help to solve the problem and to gain suggestion from its directorate.

While thanking the media for information about the deaths and illness of the pigs through radio and the paper, Lokrendro also said the department came at his piggery farm to look upon the condition of the pigs and give some medicine.

However, Lokendro clarified his unhappiness upon the department for telling false story that his pigs were not vaccinated though he had usually vaccinated 3 months before. An animal can die any time even if it were vaccinated, he said.

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