Peace Needs A Chance in Manipur

The world we live today is in turmoil. There is call for war and violence rather than peace following the Pulwama incident of 2019 wherein 40 personnel of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) were killed in a suicide bomb attacked,there was called for war from various comers of India. And despite this entire cry, there is no denying that no one wants to die but live in peace, free from the violence, the fights, and the hue and cry of every day. And while we all long for peace and serenity, one wonders why, for centuries, we have just failed to live it. One fails to understand why there cannot be peace despite the fact that everyone under the sun longs for it. A puzzling question that gas bewildered the world for centuries – Why can there be peace and why can all live in peace?
However, this need for peace is not about the whole world or the universe but about peace in our homes” and with extension to of Manipur, because Manipur is in a mess. Day to day live here is about chaos, strikes, agitations, demand for this and that, appeal for this and that call for peace. But it appears that nobody really initiates anything about peace. Every so call ‘Peace Rally’ calls for peace, every sit-in protest calls for peace. However, once the points of the agitators are put forward, there is nothing ‘peaceful’ about it. ‘We will intensify our rally is peace is not brought about ate some of the common slogans heard during such rallies and protests. It only appears we will ‘fight’, ‘agitate’ and even kill for peace. In other words, we would just do anything that is not peaceful to bring about peace in the state. Because, Manipur is a land of diversity where there are about 30 different tribes or community speaking different dialects and practicing different religion, belief and culture. Because Manipuri is a land where view and ideas are different, perhaps due to political affiliation or even religious beliefs or because, it is about Indo-Naga talks, about the Meitei’s or about the Kukis or the Meitei-Pangals. It is, perhaps, because of our so many differences that we have been unable to live in peace.

But that is not be an excuse here. Differences do exist everywhere in every country. Some of the most peaceful countries in the world such
as Iceland, Canada, Ireland, and Switzerland to name a few are not without problems. But what makes them stand out, as per Global Peace Index
research, is the absence or their involvement in ongoing domestic and international conflicts. Some of the features also include harmony or
discord within a nation, safety and security in society, crime, rates, minimal incidences of terrorist acts and violent demonstrations, harmonious relations with neighboring countries, a stable political scene to name a few. Perhaps these features are missing in Manipur where it is much needed for a peaceful coexistence. As much as we long for peace, it is important that such features that Global Peace Index suggests are followed in the state. A difficult task indeed but to forgive and forget would be one perfect way to start. To let bygones be bygones and move ahead in live with a hope for peace. After all, if one does not forgive one enemy, there will only be vengeance and there will no peace .Hence, living in peace will only be possible if we learn to forgive and forget.

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