Paomata students protests shifting of project site

Paomata students protests shifting of project site

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KANGPOKPI: In protest against shifting of Sadhbhav Mandav/Sadhavna Mandal from Paomata Centre to Chingmai Khonou, the Paomata Students Union (PNTM-P) had taken out a protest rally at Paomata Centre. The student body had reportedly served vocal opposition against the change of site of the project from the proposed original location which is meant for the block headquarters to the state Govt. earlier too.

Kh. Louno Spencer, Assembly Secretary, PNTM-P stated that according to official circulation from the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt of India on December 14, 2018, it was stated in annexure 1 & 2 that there will not be duplication of work regarding the Sadhbhav Mandav Project. In this regard, the Paomata Students Union (PNTM-P) is taking up strong protest against the State Govt and local minister/MLA for shifting the spot of the project where it was clearly mentioned for Paomata Centre but illegally shifted to Chingmai Khonou village without any knowledge of people from Paomata.

The students’ leader mentioned that they are strongly against the step taken. The office of the Paomata Students Union (PNTM-P) had reportedly released a press statement on October 9 in most of the local dailies against the tactics played by the state government and local MLA with a deadline of October 15 last. 

However, Spencer added that no positive assurance to bring back the project was given till date from the state government.

Banners written as “We strongly condemn shifting of the Sadhbhav Mandav Project, Govt of Manipur, We believe ‘Go to village mission’ but we don’t believe the act of fascism from 48-Mao MLA, We want justice, We want our rights” and placards written with “Let justice prevail in our land, We want immediate bringing back the project, We want peace, not political puppet, Long live PNTM-P” were held during the rally. 

Sh. Thozii, Member, Fact Finding Committee, Sadhbhav Mandav at the end of the rally stated that in the past two decades, the Govt of Manipur kept shifting the various developmental programs from Paomata area including the Govt High School upgradation to another area, power station at Paomata had been shifted to Mao, Medical department for upgradation from PHC to CHC was also reportedly shifted to Mao, proposed SIB office was also shifted from Paomata to Mao.

The student leader opposed such shifting of different developmental programs for the area including the Sadhbhav Mandav Project from Paomata Centre. Drawing the attention of the state government for immediate redressal, the student leader warned that they are ready to go for intense democratic form of agitation if the government does not take immediate action into it adding the government will be solely responsible for any untoward incident from such movement.

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