Paddy to be affected due to non-availability of fertilizers: Manipur Loumee Marup

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Manipur Loumee Marup which is a unit of All India Kishan Sabha has asserted that farmers in the state are undergoing undue hardships due to non-availability of fertilizers.

In a press release, it was stated that the farmers have developed apprehension that if the fertilizer is not used in their fields at the appropriate time, then the yield of paddy this year could be severely hit. The farmers’ body blamed the state administration for the current crisis.

Due to the wrong policies of the authorities, the fertilizers which are prerequisite to the farmers, individuals are selling urea at Rs 800 per bag and ill-fated farmers have fallen at the mercy of the black marketers. The current policy of the government requires showing of patta of the cultivation area at the agriculture office for acquiring fertilizers at standard government prices. However, most of the farmers in the state are tenant farmers. These farmers not only have no patta for the land they are cultivating, they are provided with khetiyan patta by the land owners, the press release state.

In this regard, the MLM urged the government to ensure the provision of kheityan patta to these farmers under MLRNLR Act, 1960 as well as divest the task for supply of fertilizers to panchayat and local self governing bodies in rural areas.          

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