Over 75,000 fake Voters deleted from electoral rolls: Chief Minister

Over 75,000 fake Voters deleted from electoral rolls: Chief Minister

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IMPHAL: Chief Minister N Biren informed the house that above 75,000 fake voters have been deleted from the electoral rolls of the state during the elector Verification Programme, conducted by the Election Commission of India for the first time in the history of the Country.

Biren, in charge of Election department,t made the statement while clarifying to the policy cut motions raised by opposition MLA’s Kh Joykishan and K Meghachandra during the demand discussion of Election.

The fake voters could be deleted after thorough verification, correction and deletion during the six months long elector Verification Programme. The state made a remarkable performance in the campaign, Biren said.

He said that ECI provides voting right to every citizen of the country. However, an outsider, except for voting right in the state, cannot claim anything like native citizenship of the state. According to ECI rules, if a person from Bihar wishes to be a voter of Manipur, first, he should get his name deleted from the voter list of his state of origin. Without any authorization letter, the outsider cannot be enrolled in the Voters list of the state.

With the ILP system having enacted in the state, non-locals have entered the state with temporary or special ILP passes and they can no longer stay in the state beyond the stipulated period of stay in the state. As such, chances of non-locals, who newly enter the state with ILP pass, to be voters of the state is very low. Before enactment of ILP, a non-local could be a voter of the state after furnishing a certificate signed by his/her landlord. Now, it is not applicable.

Stating that elector Verification Programme for Thangmeiband will continue till March 15, Chief Minister said that people can lodge complaint about any doubt, discrepancies.

Clarifying to the policy cut motion raised by MLA Th Lokeshor, Md Abdul Nasir, Faajur Rahim on Minor Irrigation department, Chief minister said that revival of 16 RLI schemes out of 24 in Khundrakpam AC was very helpful to make the cultivation success in last year’s drought. Government will make effort to revive the remaining defunct RLI schemes at the earliest. Government has approved the work for construction of irrigation channel from Dolaithabi project to be taken up by CADA.

Reiterating the importance of MI department without which cultivation would not be possible, Biren said that state government has sent a project proposal worth Rs 300 crore to the centre to take up Ground water and Check Dam schemes for providing irrigation. Central expert team along with the state Engineers have conducted survey and identified 443 sites to take up surface ground water schemes at an estimated cost of Rs 278 Cr. Check dams will be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 61 Cr. The ministry has approved the proposal and likely to release necessary funds by March this year, said the CM.

In last year’s drought, Government revived 271 defunct RLI schemes which were very helpful in fighting the drought.

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