Over 100 stranded Mizos leave for Mizoram from Ccpur

Over 100 stranded Mizos leave for Mizoram from Ccpur

TMB Report

Ccpur: More than a hundred people from Mizoram who are stranded currently at Lamka town in Churachandpur have been given permission to leave the town on Thursday and head for their respective homes in Mizoram after the state governments of Manipur and Mizoram reached an understanding.

Mizoram State Government in an effort to bring back their denizens who are stranded in NE states are making effort to bring them home. In the first success of its efforts, a team of 152 people were flaged off  by Lalhmangaihzuala, President Group YMA Manipur group from Young Mizo Association (  YMA ) Hall, Hmuia Veng today.

This morning witnessed the 152 passengers among 318 people from the state being accommodated in private vehicles including 24 privately hired vehicles and heading to Mizoram with their transportation cost to be borned by the Home Department of Mizoram who had made contact with the Home Department of Manipur. More people will be leaving to leave tomorrow.

Today’s team of stranded Mizoram resident left with the permission from R. Choudhury, Joint Secretary (Home) Govt. of Manipur who issued the transit pass to the Mizoram residents who will be transported till the Manipur /Mizoram border where they will be received  and transported further to their respected places by the Mizoram Government and stationed at designated quarantine centre.

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