‘Open maximum retail outlets of IOC Ltd’

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The All Manipur IOCL Retail Dealers’ Association has requested CAP&PD minister Karam Shyam to allow the opening of maximum retail outlets of Indian Oil Company Limited for better service and lessen overcrowding of customers which in all likelihood represents a health threat in the present Covid-19 outbreak situation.

As per the letter submitted by the president of the association S. Menan Singh to the concerned minister an order no, 19/5/2015-CAF & PD(Pt-1) by Joint secretary (CAF & PD), Government of Manipur, dated 24/7/2020 had instructed the opening of 11 petrol pumps for departments and essential services as part of official arrangement in the middle of the Covid-19 disease spreading in the state.

As we, all the members, discussed the same order, all the pump attendants have complained about the huge overcrowding by the customers near pump base and retail outlets’ premises and feeling unsafe, he added.

Hence, in consideration of the inconveniences caused due to opening of limited petrol pumps it will be better to open maximum outlets for better services as well as for safety among the customers and our pump attendants, the note stated.

The copies of the letter were forwarded to the Chief secretary and DGM Retail Sales SLC (IOCL) Imphal division office.

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