Online education, plans to bring back stranded Manipuris great initiatives: MP RK Ranjan

Online education, plans to bring back stranded Manipuris great initiatives: MP RK Ranjan

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IMPHAL: Dr. RK Ranjan Singh MP said the initiative taken up by Chief minister and education minister to teach students through online is encouraging but as all the students might not have android mobile phone or due to poor connection link they might be facing difficulties in connecting to their phone.

Speaking to media at his residence, Dr. Ranjan said the initiative taken up by the government should reach to all peoples. He said under prime minister Digital India programme 325 Gram Panchayats were connected with National Optical Fibres Network in 2014. Dr. Ranjan said most of the equipment of the Bharat Broadband network are kept at BSNL office. If the link is activated then all the gram panchayats and its surrounding area will get free WiFi connection. This will make the education minister initiative more fruitful, the MP opined.

He further said after the relaxations of lockdown most of the shop are open but people are not adhering to the guidelines. Shopkeepers need to wear mask and essential commodities should not be given to those customer who do not wear mask, he said.

Welcoming the government decision to bring back 84 stranded people from Guwahati, the MP said the people should be kept in a common quarantine centre at Mao. He said the government is trying to bring back all stranded Manipuris but the government hasn’t taken up any steps to deport the migrants from the state.

Dr. Ranjan said as an initiative taken up by BJP MP’s to help stranded people in their respective state he also distributed essential commodities to migrants from Murshidabad of West Bengal presently staying at different places of Moirang and Kwakta in Bishnupur district.

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