One held for fake viral video

One held for fake viral video

TMB Report

Thoubal: The video clip showing people thronging the market at Thoubal Moijing which went viral in social media, Facebook and WhatsApp, on Friday night has turned out to be fake.

It is unfolded that the video clip was recorded on the eve of last year’s Ramzan Eid.

A person identified as Mohammed Yahiya Khan of Thoubal Moijing, who was the up-loader of the video clip clarified on social media through a video clip on Saturday that he got the video clip through WhatsApp and he uploaded the said video clip on his Facebook account without ascertaining the truth and proper verification.

The video clip went viral in social media Facebook and WhatsApp which drew many criticisms as Thoubal Moijing is one of the covid-19 hotspot at present.

Mohammed Yahiya Khan also seek apology from Thoubal District Police and Thoubal Moijing public.

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