One arrested for piracy of ‘Khurai Angaobi’

TMB Report

IMPHAL: A combined team led by producer of Manipuri feature film Khurai Angaobi and members of Mobile Film Distribution Centre (MFDC) has apprehended an individual who has been engaged in piracy of the cassettes of the film on Friday.

The arrested person was identified as Khundrakpam Bangkimchandra, 27, son of Kh. Babu from Thangalawai Sabal Leikai.

In connection with the case, proprietor of MFDC Heikham Jayentakumar informed that many individuals were arrested for piracy of the feature film in the past and today another individual has been successfully arrested at Thangalawai.

The arrested person will be handed over to concerned authority for taking up an action as per law to forbid him and ensure he does not repeat such fraudulent practices in the future again.

On the other hand, the arrested person appealed to all other individuals to delete the feature film from their own mobile or any other devices so that they would not face the same problem that he is facing now.

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