Nungba CSOs condemn high-handedness of AR

Nungba CSOs condemn high-handedness of AR

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IMPHAL: The Nungba Area CSOs comprising the Nungba Area Village Authority Association (NAVAA), Nungba Area Joint Action Committee (NAJAC), RNCM Luangba Luangrian, RNLP Luangba Luangrian, RNYOM Luangba Luangrian, RNSOM Luangba Luangrian strongly condemn the high handedness of 29th Assam Rifles for conducting search Operation at Rongdai (Bolongdai) village on the 07th October 2020.

As per the joint press statement signed by its chairman and president stated that the statement served as a repeated reminder to the Indian Security especially the Assam Rifles that,that Nungba Area was once a peaceful zone, there was no breach of security, no impending threat to law and order situation of the area.

The raid at Rongdai village on October 7 2020 was an act of cowardice from the Assam Rifles posted at Nungba Outpost. The unanticipated raid posed as a threat to the innocent local public in the midst of Covid-19 Pandemic in which the barbaric and coward act in the midnight has mentally disturbed, harassed, threatened and tortured the minds of young boys and girls, men and women of the village and area as a whole which is a complete violation of human rights, it added.

Moreover, the organization added that the Assam Rifles need to remind themselves how they face defeats from the democratic local public from the past raid at Nungba, Mongjarong Khullen, Kekru Naga, Rengpang etc.and other stage managed plays at the cause of Nagas.

The General Public will never remain a mute spectator, instead, will always remain ready to face any challenges and confront them accordingly democratically and would humbly remind the cowards that, Nungba Area was not like Jammu and Kashmir where their security force witnesses daily gunfights and shots.

It continues to mention that the general public had never stood against the goodwill mission and work of Indian Security Forces, no Naga mission National Workers had ever opened fire anywhere despite several hunts to blame and derail the Naga Political

Talk which is at the final crucial stage, which is why the Assam Rifles has so much of scope to restrain themselves from creating unnecessary issues in the area.

 Further, it added that the Assam Rifles had openly exposed their evil intentions upon the lives of thousands promising children- boys and girls, men and women without any reason in which the raid forcefully opened doors of innocent public, breaks in Almirahs, cabinet and lockers exposing every single clothe and garment of women and children at 1:00 am midnight which are too shameful and inhuman even to be mentioned.

The act of October 7 2020 stands tall as a proof and evidence that the unlawful and shameless nature of the Assam Rifles remained unchanged till this day. The Nungba Area is a peace zone where there is no invitation for house raids, it added.

Hence, the Nungba Area CSOs in the strongest term condemn such acts, and take the opportunity to appeal the Assam Rifles to restrain themselves in the future from committing such heinous acts against fellow human beings.

While, the 29th Assam Rifles owe apology to the people of Nungba Area or face the consequences for violating the human rights, women rights and child rights as per the law of the nation also said that the credit of these shameful and coward act goes all to the 29th Assam Rifles, while the people of Nungba Area fights Covid-19 with the Nation.

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