NSF condemns mistreatment of migrant workers

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Naga Students Federation (NSF) has condemned that ‘certain mischievous elements’ belonging to Naga community had captured their act of physical and mental harassment of poor migrant laborers and daily wagers and circulated the same in social media platforms while being unaware of the ripple effects it could have on the Naga people at large.

The federation stated that it was appalled by the insensitivity of the individuals for such ludicrous acts and condemned the same in no uncertain terms, it is truly unfortunate that such incident like these have come to the forefront in the hour of difficulties and the entire human race coming together and fighting the deadly Covid-19.

However the Naga society is one which treat every human being with dignity which provides no space for people who indulges in activities that dehumanize another and also one society which does not meant to   promotes discrimination on communal and racial line as the principle of equity and justice which has been the basic ethos of the people since the time immemorial, it stated. The NSF further appealed to the concern authorities to take cognizance of such acts and ensured that strict actions is initiated against the perpetrators of such unwanted act and also appealed to the public to exercise the utmost restraint in their dealing with other fellow beings also not to resort any acts which will portray the Naga society in bad light in the eyes of the world beyond the Naga.

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