NPP confident of winning by-election, will continue to support BJP in Manipur: Conrad Sangma

NPP confident of winning by-election, will continue to support BJP in Manipur: Conrad Sangma

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IMPHAL: National president of NPP and Meghalaya Conrad Sangma on Thursday exuded confidence that the party will come out victorious in the upcoming by-elections and that the party will also continue to support the BJP government in Manipur and be a part of the coalition government.

The Chief Minister of Meghalaya on Thursday kicked-off the by-poll campaign for Khuraijam Loken Singh for the upcoming election at Khuraijam (O) Nupimacha Devi Community Hall, Yumnam Huidrom Thiyam Leishangkhong at Wangoi on Thursday.

President of NPP Manipur State M. Kayishii, deputy CM of Meghalaya Prestone Tynsong, C Y. Joykumar, Letpao Haokip, Transport Minister of Meghalaya Sniawbhalang Dhar, L. Jayantakumar, Thoudam Khomei Singh, retired Senior Lecturer Wangoi Higher Secondary School attended as the important invitees on the day.

Speaking to media persons after addressing a speech at Wangoi by-poll campaign at NPP office in Uripok, NPP Chief Conrad K Sangma expressed his gratitude towards the people in the state, especially people of Wangoi constituency, for the momentum that had gathered in the campaign, and exuded confidence about his party winning from the Constituency.

“I am told that not just today’s meeting but in all the meetings that he has had the crowd has been tremendous and we are very happy with this,” said Conrad Sangma. We are confident that NPP candidate Loken Singh will win the by-poll with a very good margin, added the NPP chief. However, the NPP chief stated that the party, a coalition partner in Manipur, will continue to support the BJP government despite political turmoil seen over the last few months.

“We are in a coalition and leaders of the party have decided to continue to support BJP but if the decision has to be taken, we will take it in an appropriate time after consulting everybody, including party leadership and coalition partners,” informed NPP chief Conrad K Sangma.

In connection with the upcoming by-poll, Conrad appealed to all the people of the state to come out and cast their precious votes particularly to the people of Wangoi constituency.

He further stated that this is a good opportunity to really express the feeling they have and since Manipur is a really high potential state and we feel that if the right candidates are elected, we will be able to take this in the right direction, added Conrad.

The upcoming by-poll will be voting in the four Assembly constituencies namely 22-Wangoi, 30-Lilong, Wangjing Tentha and 51-Saitu A/Cs on November 7. However, for 60-Singhat AC, BJP candidate Ginsuanhua Zou has been elected as unopposed after an independent candidate withdrew from his candidature.

In the by-poll to be held on November 7, NPP leadership is fully confident of winning the seat of Wangoi AC as the party’s candidate Khuraijam Loken ran second in the last 2017 State Assembly election. In that election, Khuraijam Loken (NPP) lost to Oinam Lukhoi (Congress) by a narrow margin of 36 votes only.

Oinam Lukhoi won the election by bagging 7,443 votes while Khuraijam Loken got 7407 votes, followed by Salam Joy (BJP) Joy with 6,590 votes.

Only NPP speaks lour for NE: Conrad Sangma 

 Meghalaya Chief Minister and national president of the National People’s Party Conrad Sangma kicked off the campaign for his party candidate Khuraijam Loken in Wangoi Assembly Constituency in Imphal West on Thursday.

Sangma arrived in Imphal Thursday morning and attended the flag hoisting ceremony of Khuraijam Loken held at Yumnam Huidrom Thiyam Leishangkhong. NPP Manipur unit president N Kayisi, Deputy Chief Minister Y Joykumar, Water Resources minister Letpao Haokip, MLA L Jayentakumar, Power Minister of Meghalaya James Sangma and key party functionaries also attended the function.

Addressing the gathering, Sangma said that raising the voice of the north east people vocally has been a clear agenda of the National People’s Party (NPP) ever since its inception.

“In this country, there are several bigger national political parties, some of them are more than 100 years old. However, we hardly find any national political party that speaks in favour of the north east. Agenda of such big parties focuses mainly on the interest of mainland India. It may be because of the fact that the Northeast region has lesser political representation in national politics and its population is also small. As such, these bigger political parties always forget about issues and grievances of the northeast. We have regional political parties out here in the Northeast but these parties are unable to garner enough political weight in the national politics. The NPP wants to fill up that political gap. We believe that there should be a political party that should speak, fight and work for the people of NE”, said the NPP national chief.

So far, NPP happens to be one among the seven recognized national political parties. NPP is the only national party formed by the people of NE alone. Support from Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya and other NE states made it possible to form such a NE based national party, Sangma stated.

Sangma said, “today, we are in a position to take up the issues that matter to the region. I assured the people, particularly the youths of northeast, to join and support the NPP, the lone party that will speak for the people of the region. We need a political party that is capable of taking on the issues of northeast right to the top and to take the region forward”.

Recounting the words of his late father PA Sangma, who was instrumental to his political career, Conrad said that he was taught not to run after post and money but to work for the people if he wanted to be leader. People will lift up you and give you the post if you don’t run after post and money. Society will work with you and support you once they realize your commitment to the people. Leadership is about trust, commitment, he added.

Taking a jibe at Minister Oinam Lukhoi, who resigned from the MLA post ostensibly to save the BJP coalition in trouble, Sangma questioned if Lukhoi was a genuine leader who can be trusted and if he was a leader who would keep the people first and who will not run after money and post. He resigned from MLA post just to get a ministerial berth. Isn’t that selfishness? The right time has come for the people of Wangoi to choose an ideal leader who is committed and will not betray the people. Loken has the required credentials and without doubt the right candidate this time, Conrad said while urging the people to cast their votes for the right person and the right party.

“I don’t know what commitment these leaders are showing to the people. In the last State Assembly 2017 election, Salam Joy contested on a BJP ticket. Denied BJP ticket, he has now shifted to Congress. Lukhoi, who contested as the Congress nominee without commitment or nothing, has now shifted to BJP. What kind of leadership is this? Is this a joke? Are these people trying to fool the people? Do they think they can play with the people? This is not the kind of leadership that the people expected”, added the NPP leader.

Deputy Chief Minister Y Joykumar stated that it would be injustice on the part of the people to support the unscrupulous politicians who frequently jump from one party to another.  BJP candidate, ex-MLA and incumbent minister O Lukhoi and Congress candidate ex-MLA Salam Joy are unscrupulous politicians who jump from one party to another for political mileage, he charged.

Questioning what positive developments these two ex-MLAs had brought about during their tenures, Joykumar appealed to the voters to assess the performances of the duo whom he alleged had failed the people of Wangoi. He also urged the people not to fall prey to their false promises this time.

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