Non locals of Kpi provided with relief items

Non locals of Kpi provided with relief items

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KANGPOKPI: KNF Home Secretary Jangneo Kuki in collaboration with Kangpokpi DHQs local bodies, KWWO and KYU extended helping hands to non locals and locals who are less fortunate in the District Headquarters by providing relief items including rice, dal, oil, etc. today.

Around 500 people from more than hundred households including non locals and less fortunate local denizens from various communities including Bihari, Marwari, Deshwali, Nepali, Meetei, etc. availed the relief items distributed at the residence of KNF Home Secretary.

Among many non locals residing at Kangpokpi DHQs for the purpose of business, the relief items were distributed only to those engaging in small business which is still under the purview of the lockdown. They could no longer earn their livelihood since the beginning of the nationwide lockdown in the month of March.

Considering their unnoticed grievances and hardships, KNF Home Secretary, Jangneo Kuki took the initiative to reach out to them with the assistance of Kangpokpi Women Welfare Union and Kangpokpi Youth Union to show that everyone irrespective of community, caste, creed and religion are equally taken care of.

The relief items were distributed through leaders of KWWO and KYU at the residence of KNF Home Secretary.

Jangneo Kuki, Home Secretary, KNF said that the Government has been doing its best to contained the pandemic virus in the state as well as for the wellbeing of its people since the beginning of the nationwide lockdown. However, we cannot solely depend upon the Government in all aspect during such crisis rather likeminded individual should take initiative in their own capacity to help the Government fight the pandemic with full strength in the larger interest of humanity.

He also expressed appreciation towards the COVID warriors from different Government departments including District Administration, Medical Department, police departments and also to all the voluntary CSOs who work tireless for the people while exposing themselves to the deadly virus.

Meanwhile, Jangneo Kuki also appeal to all the people of Kangpokpi including inmates at various Institutional Quarantine Centres not to violate any of the general and IQCs standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidelines so to enable the Government fight the deadly virus hassle free.

He further said that considering the prolonged lockdown, the Government had considered relaxing the lockdown guidelines but that does not mean to let people move freely without following the protocol and exhorted the people to abide by the safety protocols so as to safe themselves and their love ones.

Sikanker, a barber at Kangpokpi DHQs said that since the beginning of lockdown in March, I could no longer open my saloon and even after relaxation, parlors, saloon, etc. were still under the purview of lockdown and I have been facing tremendous hardship in surviving my family.

Similarly, those engaged in roaster bazar selling cloths and garments are also under tremendous hardships since the roaster bazar is yet to be open owing to the lockdown, he added.

Sikanker on behalf of such people expressed heartfelt gratitude to the people of Kangpokpi, especially the KNF Home Secretary and the local CSOs for their concerned and love upon them stating that they feel secure and at home.

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