No village by name of Hongbei in Kamjong: Chongdan VA

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Chongdan village authority clarified that there is no such village called Hongbei in Kamjong district Tangkhul region.

According to a press release signed by the Headman of Chongdan Village, which is under Kasom Khullen sub division of Kamjong district, Phungmi Siro, it was said that it is extremely unfortunate that the village so called Hongbei Village has been mentioned in various print and electronic media news story regarding the incident of Kashung dated on 24 and 25 April during which troops of Manipur police and Assam Rifles forces attempted to move towards Kangkum NSCN-IM camp which is actually worth to be mentions as Nungshit Haipi or Chongdan junction as originally known by the common people in the state.

The headman continued to mentioned that the said “Hongbei” is a village which is not been recognize neither recommended by the government and the concern authorities of the Tangkhul highest court as per the DC/Ukhrul order no. /V-REC/2007 dated 26th June 2008 and the Tangkhul Naga highest customary court order no. 45/TNLk/2011 dated 13th April 2012 that the said Hongbei cannot be claimed a village in any government office either in the region of Tangkhul. Hence, the said Hongbei is not a village they are just a part of Chongdan villagers claiming as a village, the headman added.

However, the Chongdan village authority further appealed to the concern government officers and the media brothers and sisters to referred to the location as Nungshithaipi or Chongdan junction whenever any incident happens to occur in future which is  a common spot originally known by the people since from the past.

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