No Rongmei to sell land without knowledge of Pei: RNYO

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Rongmei Naga Youth Organization (RNYO) stated that no Rongmei individual, landowner or the tribal civil organization of Rongmei should sell his or her land without the knowledge and consent of the concerned village customary Pei.

The RNYO issued the direction with reference to the letter submitted to the office of RNYO by the Khulakpa of Poringlong Ningtoulung Daimei and Gongthangmeiga Gonmei in matter regarding the village conflict arising on the issue of selling o village land by Gainaichung Malangmai for necessary intervention as the matter is within the jurisdiction of the state of Manipur.

In a press statement the organization stated that it will defend the land of Rongmei and defy against any individual or group who violates the rules and customary laws of the land, and it is morally obliged for all the Rongmei youth to defend their land against any encroachers or willful selling of Rongmei land to non Rongmei and non Naga, he added.

All Rongmei individuals including khulakpa, landowners or any organizations should abide by the act of resolutions and laws which were duly established by the Village Customary Court (Pei) in paying allegiance to our age old traditional mother land, the RNYO statement said.

RNYO found it pertinent to undertake a case study mission on the contending crises of Pongringlong village for fact finding and conflict resolution in the interest of justice. Further, it also directed that all villagers should refrain from public gathering, meeting and activities in compliance with the directives of state government in matter of current Covid-19 pandemic. Failing to abide by the civil laws should be seriously dealt by the state law enforcing agencies and the respective village youth volunteers and also shall be treated as anti community and anti government, RNYO added.  

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