No MPSC (Mains) Exam 2016 till completion of CBI enquiry: KSO

No MPSC (Mains) Exam 2016 till completion of CBI enquiry: KSO

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KANGPOKPI: The Kuki Students’ Organization General Headquarters (KSO-GHQs) has cautioned the concerned authority not to conduct MPSC Mains examinations, 2016 until the completion of CBI enquiry and not before the MPSC cleansed itself.

The student body’s department of Information and Publicity in its press communiqué stated that MPSC seems to have quite a bad reputation even before it conducted its Waterloo MCSCCE 2016 examinations so much so that it led the Manipur High Court to lament MPSC’s past conduct that “misdeeds have been (going) on for the last many years” as the court wanted the MPSC staffs/officials responsible for the irregularities in the said exam to be penalised but so far, there is no any official who has been penalised.

Who were responsible for the misdeeds? No one has any idea yet. Will the ‘probable’ responsible MPSC/ Staffs / Officials continue to be a part of the re-exam? Yes. Then, where’s the guarantee that this new exam will be fair and clean? To assuage those fears, the Secretary, MPSC released a press statement on August 26, 2020 claiming that they were misunderstood. So, suddenly just by one press-release do the MPSC becomes clean again?, it questioned.

It also said that the Secretary MPSC press-release was full of platitudes and zero substance, all clouded in bureaucratic words. It reads more like an election manifesto. It needs to be deconstructed for the public. More than anything we would like to focuses on the last two lines of the entire press-release so that the public can see as to how hollow it is.

It also pointed out that the secretary mentioned in the last-second sentence that MPSC “will not stop till total fairness is ensured in all our actions”. However, we are sorry to inform the Secretary that the students want to sit in an exam conducted by a totally fair exam body, not a body that is still working towards ensuring total fairness.

“Think of UPSC – totally fair, think of MPSC – still working towards total fairness. When will this total fairness of MPSC come? Sadly, no timeline was given for such a great commitment. May be in the next 50 years?!”, it asserted.

In regard to this, Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (Personnel Division), Government of Manipur has also asked the MPSC to suspend the MPSC mains Examination, 2016 to avoid violation of lockdown protocols under Section 55 of the DMA, 2005 as advised by the Law Department.

After prolonged enquiry, On 2nd Sept 2020,through its letter, the CBI suggested MPSC to lay down proper procedures for evaluation and tabulation of answer sheets or books as per the MPSC (Procedure & Conduct of Business) Rules 2011 while laying down proper procedures regarding the engagement of lecturers etc. for transparent scrutiny of answer scripts after evaluation by examiners including maintenance of records, showing the total number of answer scripts and subjects handed over for scrutiny with date and time of handing over to each lecturer and also date and time of return is another suggestion forwarded by CBI to MPSC.

We appreciate what the CBI had suggested and we asked MPSC whether the suggestion made by the CBI are taken into consideration and implemented? If irregularities are rectified and amended, why not in public domain? We also request the CBI to do the needful and proper conduct of investigation on time so that erring officials involved in this controversy exam are punished, it stated.

The student body also appeal to the powers for MPSC to be cleansed first its officials, selected candidates or even non-selected candidates if they were found indulging in unethical and corrupt means while adding that one Press-Release of the MPSC cannot cleanse the system. If that could have been so, the High Court would have ordered for a press-release and not a CBI inquiry. But, the High Court knows better and rightly asked for the CBI to get to the bottom of this mess.

It continued that let CBI submit its report first and if any MPSC staff/official is found to be responsible, then they should be removed from the whole exam process and a re-exam be held only then and similarly, if any selected or non-selected candidates were found to be hand-in-glove with any accused MPSC official they should also be debarred from any future exams.

In view of the above-mentioned circumstances, we strongly urge upon the Government that MPSC should not be allowed to conduct any examination until CBI investigation is completed and justice is fully dispensed with, it said.

It further said that till the completion of the CBI enquiry and till MPSC cleanses itself, KSO-GHQ strongly opposes the re-conduct of the examination for the interest of the present and future aspirants and as a whole for the people of Manipur.

It also maintained that only when CBI enquiry is completed and when the process of cleansing begin in MPSC, then can we work towards total fairness in right earnest, and not just by suggestion and  in press releases.

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