NNPGS-WC greets new chairman of NSCN (K), expresses concern on rift within the organization

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IMPHAL: The convenor of the Working Committee, Naga National Political Groups (NNPGS) has greeted the new chairman of NSCN (K) Gen. (Retd.) Nyemlang Konyak,

However, he expressed deep pain on the reported rift within the organization in ‘Myanmar occupied Naga Homeland’.

In a press statement, the NNPGS WC stated that at this hour divisions do not help the cause in any manner. Yet, we are aware that the ways of Almighty God is beyond human comprehension and also the adversaries know that Naga history and political right cannot be erased now or tomorrow, he added.

As per report of WC NNPGS convener the committee is very clear that its homeland extends to Myanmar and other states in India, at this point of the revolutionary movement, the voice of the Naga people for honourable and acceptable solution has resonated transcending artificial boundaries.

Moreover, our people’s will and desire was clearly expressed while WC has embraced practical reality and situation without deviating from the core principles of the Naga nationalism and have taken its people into confidence without indulging in rhetoric or relying on emotion and sentimentalism, it added.

WC also prayed that its Naga brethren, civil societies and comrades in Myanmar led by Yung Aung would, perhaps, look at the latest upheaval as an opportunity to reassess the common objective with rational steps, understanding emerging geo-political stratagem of other nations in South East Asia.

The dream and vision of past Naga leaders must be kept alive through concrete political steps in Naga homeland both in India and Myanmar. On this basis, we are negotiating with the government of India. However, as you may been aware, the historic “Agreed Position and Preamble” was signed between Government of India (GOI) and WC, NNPGS, comprising of Seven Naga Armed groups on 17th November 2017 at New Delhi, the WC convener added.

The committee remarked that it was for the first time since the verbal assurance of Mahatma Gandhi, on the political right of Nagas, to NNC leaders at Bhangi Colony, New Delhi in 1946, the government of India and WC, NNPGS’ signed document which reads, ” The government of India recognises the political and historical rights of the Nagas to self determine their future in consonance with their distinct identity in which the two entities agreed to work out the details of a relationship that is honourable, enduring and an inclusive peaceful co- existence with due regard to contemporary political realities…

After more than fifty rounds of political negotiations, WC, NNPGS believes there were a clear desire and commitment on the part of government of India to resolve the Indo-Naga political conflict and have negotiated on all critical issues, including Naga interest in Myanmar concerning our people’s welfare and movement to and from so-called international border, WC NNPGS added.

It also stated that all the unresolved matters shall be pursued through democratic political process while the numerous consultations with Naga Tribal Hohos, GBS, intellectuals, legislators past and present and also reconnecting with neighbouring communities have helped us to inch closer to achieving honourable and acceptable political solution, the statement from the convenor of WC NNPGS said.

“Further, WC believes Naga citizens at large are prepared for a political settlement while the adversaries may be rejoicing at the unfortunate differences and divisions. We must take it as a fresh pathway paved by Jehova, the creator, guide and sustainer of Nagaland, steering all of us towards a common destination. As one people, we must look towards a future where Naga generations, our children, can progress with the rest of the world retaining our cherished history and distinct identity and also WC NNPGS would be glad to welcome you as an equal partner in our effort to conclude a negotiated settlement with the government of India,” said the WC convener.

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