Newly built bridge at Sekmai dedicated to public

TMB Report

IMPHAL: A newly repaired bridge over Punnakhong in Sekmai which was built with funds arranged by Sekmai Scheduled Caste Development Committee was dedicated to the public at a function on Wednesday with writer and cultural activist of the locality Yaiskul Khwairakpam as the chief guest.

The bridge was unveiled in early 2007 by the then MLA of Sekmai Khwairakpam Devendro but it was damaged severely in a big flood in the month of April the same year and for the last three years service of a bridge was not available to public. 

According to information the repair of the bridge was undertaken under the supervision of the president of the committee Khwairakpam Surjamani. Vice President of the committee Ayangbam Obo, general secretary Khwairakpam Ishwarchandra, treasurer Khwairakpam Anil and former secretary Angom Ramananda also attended the dedication function.

Ishwarchandra said the local MLA inspected the damaged bridge on two occasions and even took several photographs of the condition of the bridge which lies between Ward No 3 and Ward No 4 of Sekmai Makha Leikai. Cultivation of over 1200-1300 pari of land is carried out by farmers commuting across the bridge which is a very vital structure in the locality. The residents there waited very long hoping that the administration or the local MLA will take up repair works.

However, after the futile wait, the committee took over the onus of repairing the bridge by gathering the required amount themselves and subsequently delivered it for use by the public.

Yaiskul said the bridge is the most important one in Sekmai. By using the bridge intending persons can reach the villages of Kanto, Khurkhul, Leimakhong and other. The river is also known as Sabalkhong but from ancient time it was known as Punnakhong. The repair of the bridge will bring noteworthy benefits to the people of the area, he said.

Ayangbam Obo listed the development works taken up recently by the committee which included black topping of inter village road, felicitation of meritorious students of Sekmai among others.

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