National seminar held at Kha Manipur College

National seminar held at Kha Manipur College

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Thoubal: A one day national seminar on ” Biodiversity and Sustainable Development: A view from North East India’ was organised by  Internal Quality Assurance Cell( IQAC) of Kha Manipur College Kakching at the multipurpose hall of the college on Saturday.

The inaugural session of the seminar was attended by the principal of Kha- Manipur College, P. Raghu, Head of Department, Physics M. Sanaton and head of department, Political Science Ksh. Nilochandra as presidium members. 

Giving her keynote address P. Memory, associate professor, department of Anthropology, KMC highlighted the aims and objectives of the seminar. 

She said that the north- eastern states of India comprises Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim forms a part of the Global Diversity Hotspot. She also said that the region is endowed with rich natural resources and is well recognised for its diversity of people, plants and animal life and also home to more than 200 out of 450 of India’s tribes with the cultures and customs intricately linked to biodiversity conservation. 

Professor Memory remarked that Manipur is richly endowed with natural beauty and splendour.Not only Sangai and Siroi Lily, many varieties of rare medicinal plants, colourful flowers and numerous species orchids are among innumerable beautiful flora and number of attractive fauna shines the state with natural grace, she added.

On sustainable development, she explained that the term is an approach that aims to ensure that environment, social and economic progress in the society is achieved without depletion of the natural resources. Nowadays, she continued,various organisations and institutions work together to draw the attention of mass people on the issues of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

Saying that Kha- Manipur College Kakching also takes the opportunity by organising a one day national  seminar, she informed that the findings, knowledge, suggestions and policies from the renowned resource persons, delegates and researchers can be recommended to the authorities concerned and such fruitful ideas may be helpful to the decision making planners and educationists to draw more concepts well sharing to solve the biodiversity degradation problems, she look forwarded. 

P. Raghu, the principal of the college while giving his speech clearly mentioned the relation between biodiversity and sustainable development. He also opined that it will be better to take up developmental activities by protecting our environment. 

As a part of the seminar, resource persons delivered speeches in connection with the topic.

Taking part as moderator of the seminar, professor N. Rajmuhon of Manipur University strongly mentioned about the importance of conserving our biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation.

The seminar which was broken up into two sessions was attended by more than 50 teachers and students.

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