Nambol Chingmang to Hiyangthang road case: Associations warned of total bandh

TMB Report

Bishnupur:Advisor of Phadibi Road Students Club T. Dilip has warned of total band if the road connectivity between NambolĀ  Chingmang to Hiyangthang is not repair with proper quality control, by July 20, 2020.

Mention may be that no quality control were maintain during the maintenance of the very road connectivity between Nambol  Chingmang to Hiyangthang also known as Phadibi in the last two years back and surprisingly none concern authority lay an eye while maintaining the road, which thus led to various inconveniences in public movements and raised in numbers of accident.

The Advisor of Phadibi Road Students Club T. Dilip made the statement during a press conference held at Utlou Makha on Tuesday.

He further said that apart from being a major district road, the very road is one of the road connectivity between Nambol, Wangoi and Naoria Pakhanglakpa Assembly Constituency which also connects with Nambol Chingmang, Laitonjam, Govindagram, Kakyai, Langpok Hiyangthang Phaobagi of Imphal West and Bishnupur District that very villagers commutes daily.

He also said that they have requested the State Government and concern local MLA to repair the very road with quality control, however, as none have turn their request into work, they took the decision to impose total bandh along the very road stretch.

Attending at the press conference, Vice President of Utlou Makha Meira Paibi Lup L. Ibemhal said that many students who are commuting through the very road are facing inconveniences while going to their schools and tuition centre and countless accidents have and still occurred due to the deplorable road condition.

Representatives of various club organisations also took part at the press conference.

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