<strong>MUSU warns of MU shutdown if vacant post of VC is not filled by Dec 14 </strong>

MUSU warns of MU shutdown if vacant post of VC is not filled by Dec 14

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Imphal: The Manipur University Students’ Union (MUSU) on Wednesday said that it is ready to unleash a shutdown of the university and take up series of agitations if there is no clear response given from the side of ministry concerned on the issue of vacant post of Vice-Chancellor within December 14, 2020.

The statement was made by the president of MUSU M. Boby during a protest staged at the traffic island of MU on Wednesday. During the sit-in-protest volunteers of students’ bodies AMSU, MSF, DESAM, AIMS, KSA, SUK and MUSU participated.

Boby stated that after the outgoing VC Jarnail Singh left the university and the office has been lying without anybody in charge for 10 days. During this period the university has been facing various inconvenience and difficulties, mainly the administration and academic activities. Regarding this matter, MUSU and the university community had submitted a memorandum and highlighted the issue through different avenues.

But there has been no positive action or clear cut response as of now from the side of the state government and related department. If the Ministry of Education fails to issue an order on the new appointment of a regular Vice-Chancellor or make an interim arrangement of VC then MUSU will declare shutdown of the university and take up various agitations.

When asked by media persons if the former VC AP Pandey is reinstated by the Centre after the court hearing in connection with the charges filed against him is completed will the community of MU accept the decision, Boby answered that in such a scenario MUSU will fully support every decision taken up by the MU community.

He said that as per the prevailing circumstances as well as in his opinion there is no chance of AP Pandey returning. We do not believe that the concerned authorities will let Pandey return to the university knowing the protest, crisis and many controversies that had marked his tenure in the past, he stated.

President of DESAM N. Edison also said that as the vacant post of the VC has been lying vacant for a long gap and considering the various inconvenience and difficulties facing the university, the six students’ bodies through the Registrar of MU had submitted a memorandum to the Ministry of Education pleading for taking up speedy action.

If the concerned authorities do not fulfil the demands at the earliest then the six students’ bodies will not support the shutdown at the campus of university but will launch various agitations at different places in the state with the participation of students, he continued.

He urged the state government to put pressure on the Centre so that no more problems are created in the academic career of the students. The government should bring an early solution regarding the issue in order to avoid an unnecessary crisis amidst this Covid-19 pandemic, he added.

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