Mushroom farm gutted in suspected arson, properties worth Rs. 5.50 lakh burned to ashes

TMB Report

Thoubal: In an unfortunate incident, the building at a mushroom farm called Sultana Live Stock & Mushroom Cooperative Society Limited located at Yairipok Singa in Thoubal District has been gutted in fire which broke out on Tuesday.

The fire was suspected to have been started by some unknown miscreants at around 1:04 am.

The ill-fated mushroom farm belongs to Zidda Rahaman (29 years), son of Najir Ahamed of Yairipok Singa Canal Mapal, Thoubal District.

According to The Morning Bell sources, the incident came to light when a man who halted the night at a shop located nearby to the farm alerted the locals of the fire and they initially tried to doze off the fire.

Immediately fire service was informed and put their best to douse the fire.

Yairipok Fire Service and Thoubal Fire Service jointly tried to put out the fire for about 5/6 hours, however property worth over Rs. 5.50 lakh were turned into ashes.

Owner of the farm Zidda Rahaman told media persons that with his sweat and energy he built up the farm, however, he felt broken hearted after witnessing his farm turned into ashes by some unknown miscreants.

Drawing attention, Zidda Rahaman urged the state government and authority concerned to look into the matter and also to extend help.

Strongly condemning the incident, General Secretary Singa Ideal Club (SIC) Junush also drew the attention of the authority concerned to look into the incident at the earliest.

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