MSF seeks intervention from Edn Minister on online admission to Class XI

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Manipuri Students’ Federation (MSF) has sought special intervention from the Education Minister to put a stop to online admission process for Class XI on purely on mark basis by some private schools taking the opportunity of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and annul the validity of the admission process.

In a press release MSF stated it will be looking into this matter seriously, mentioning that the day notification was served to open admission by the state government was also incidentally the last date for online admission process for some private schools. The MSF further observed that it must be the secret policy and agenda of the private schools in order to subjugate the underprivileged students.

MSF urged the concern institutions not to favour only the students with high marks at the expense of students from poor families who had been taken by surprise by the sudden online admission amidst the sufferings due to lockdown over Covid-19. Hence, the state government should take up alternative arrangements to make up for the partisan procedures adopted by these institutions regarding this matter, MSF added.

Classifications on the basis of marks might instill inferiority complex and put psychological pressure among the less fortunate students, the students’ body argued and suggested that the institutions upgrade their infrastructure and increase capacity of intake stating that there is a possibility for increase in the numbers of students for the classes because of Covid-19 pandemic.

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