MSF hails frontline workers, volunteers and CSOs for fight against COVID-19

MSF hails frontline workers, volunteers and CSOs for fight against COVID-19

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IMPHAL: Manipur Students’ Federation (MSF) has announced its appreciation to all the frontline workers of the Health sector, Police Force, Media Fraternity, local volunteers, CSOs, Student’s organization and the people of the state in bearing the hardships and at the same time making their utmost contributions of taking responsibilities in fighting Covid-19.

In a press release issued by MSF Publicity Secretary Sundar Khuman he explained that the collective approaches of the people have been by far pushing back the invasion of COVID-19 pandemic in the state. However, since there will be a total change in the activities of social structures people should be conscious and prepare for the Post-Covid era, “the new normal” as considering the most critical period that needs to rebuild the economic strategies for survival.

MSF stated that, ‘’The New normal’’ Post-Covid era should be considered as a period of challenging the tasks that needs to overcome with potential human resources of the people by laying their utmost contributions in accordance to their talent and skills, which is essential  in crucial hours as such situations of re-building the state economy. The only people that would be required are those who contribute relentlessly as a warrior in defense among the new era of social structures of post-Covid-19.

Hence, in achieving to overcome and bring the solutions, adhering in proper policies of education systems have always been the basic needs to all these positive changes for humankind. Therefore, the government needs an absolute focus in bringing out regulations and norms that will regain the new educational strategies which younger generations need to adapt and come up with outstanding performances in helping to rebuild the state.

The people have witnessed that the COVID-19 pandemic has been hitting its worst impact on the Health, Economy, Agriculture and Education sector. The people in the state are in need of hours to understand and act upon the collective responsibilities and take a little bit seriousness in utilizing educational resources in another shape and sizes of vision and mission to overcome, added the press release.

MSF appealed to the state government for a precise plan to be prepared on deriving a new educational policy that includes regulations to adapt to the Post Covid-19 era. The government’s initiatives and policy taken up for the first phase in all the 60 assembly constituencies in support to MSF “School Fagathansi Mission” should be taken in concern of actions of accomplishment, added the press release.

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