MSF fumes at rising import of tobacco items and betel leafs

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Manipuri Students’ Federation (MSF) has fumed at the increased activity of importing tobacco items and betel leafs into the state which is injurious to health that too in an hour of insufficiency in getting essentials commodities due to Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in the entire country.

In the press release of MSF, it was stated that even if the policy programs have been made from different CSOs and the stakeholders in order to live as a self dependent society, yet, the state of Manipur is still likely to remain dependent on neighboring states due to inadequate land for agriculture purpose  in the state which is reducing day by day since the cultivatable land are being occupied by the state government and private sector for development work and building  concrete structures like shopping mall, showroom ,workshop etc.

The MSF continued to state that fermented fish were one the most important essential food products consumed in the state which was once abundantly produced in the community, however, nowadays the material is reckoned to be arriving from others state at this moment.

MSF said that it is unfortunate that during this tough condition where citizens are finding it hard to survive due to price hike the demand for betel leaf and tobacco items was clearly visible in the incident of April 4 when a combined team of different CSOs members and MSF managed to haul up the products which was being purchased instead of procuring essential items.

The MSF further stated that a better policy is needed to destroy the culture of drugs from the grass root level in the society which is relying on others and continues to be economically backward.     

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