MSF expresses concerns on drug usage in state, calls for emphasis on education

MSF expresses concerns on drug usage in state, calls for emphasis on education

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IMPHAL: The Manipuri Students’ Federation (MSF) on Tuesday expressed concerne over the trend of drug usage in the world and the growing number of people using and selling drugs in the state.

In a release, the MSF stated that selling and consumption of drugs have projected a huge problem and increased suffering in the Manipuri society. The most important predicament confronting us is that many youths of Manipur are consuming and getting influenced by drugs instead of focusing on development of the society, the student body said stressing that using drugs does not give suffering only to the health of the individual but passes on the suffering to every segment of the society impeding the thinking power, financial, relationship, education and living style of its members.

The first dose and peg has influenced/addicted many individuals and it gradually messed up a number of lives. In this situation, the young generation of today should understand himself and work out the ways to avoid the first dose and peg, added MSF in the release.

It was further said that in order to construct a good society, the young generation/students’ should focus and pay attention on education but unfortunately the reality is that the same groups are using drugs. In such a circumstance it is really hard for them to pay attention to their education and the use of drugs has turned out to be the main factor for dropping out from schools. MSF cautioned about the comprehensive destructive power of using drugs stating that it not only spoils the memory power/wisdom of the users but also hampers the unity and courage of the youth.

According to Magnitude of Substance Use India 2019 report Manipur is the highest among the states of India to inject drugs while another report said that use of drugs starts from the age of 12 years. Today, many drug addicted individuals have been infected by various diseases namely HIV, Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis and on the other hand, many drug addicted users have been losing their life to overdose, it added.

With an objective of rooting drugs from the surface of the society, many parents/guardians have been trying at their best levels with all their courage and wealth to save their children from the grip of drugs. “We all as a society need to understand the gravity of the matter. We need to organize activities and spread awareness regarding the use of drugs in the schools, localities etc in order to construct a better society. For making a better society it is imperative to lead the youths in the right direction,” the release stated. 

On the other hand, under the initiative of the state government a strong campaign has been taken up on the theme “Let us stop using drugs” and 80 institutions/schools have been listed where campaigns to teach students on how to defend themselves in problematic situations like using and selling of drugs will be the theme. Such a mission taken up by the government needs to be encouraged and participated by the entire stakeholders, the MSF stated.

In conclusion, it was said that the main objective of the Prevention Programme is to protect the youths from touching the drugs. On the other hand, the main objective and responsibility of harm reduction and demand reduction is how to save the severely addicted persons. Because of these various precautionary measures, many lives of addicted people have been saved and led to the right direction today. 

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