MSAD expresses concern on drug users in state

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MASAD) has stated that the increase in the number of drug users in the state regardless of ages has become an ever increasing horror with each day.

In a press release issued by MSAD Secretary General Thokchom Shinghajit it was stated that though large numbers of both state and central security forces are deployed all over the state, there has been a distinct increase in the number of drug smuggling operating  within the state.

The press release further said that Indian bureaucracy whose existence theoretically is for the sake of the welfare of the people has still remained deaf and mute. Instead of taking up their utmost duty of serving for the people, the officials are reacting with unresponsiveness as the people beg them to take up the task of wiping out drugs and related issues.

It is high time that the people must unite in fighting against drugs menace in the state, MSAD asserted terming the bureaucratic officers as nothing but puppets of their masters.

The terrifying marching of generations of the state into their graveyard prematurely from drug use can only be undone when the people of the state stand united and uproot its base, besides keeping trust only on the judicial system.

MSAD regretted that after so many countless numbers of brutality, rape cases committed by  military forces on the people of the state, the new trends have seen youths succumbing to drug abuses and trafficking, a tragic outcome from a total failure of the both the state and central governments.

MASAD appealed for people participation in setting up transparent judicial system and giving punishment to drug mafias who are trying to wipe out the people in the state.

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