MPSC – Clear water out of the Murk

Henjunaha alias Yambem Laba

When in 1972 Manipur became a full-fledged State of the Indian Union amongst the things that had come alongside was the Manipur Public Service Commission other fringe items like the Manipur University and the High Court came many years later. I recollect that the one of the first Chairman of the MPSC was Moirangthem Meghachandra Singh who was the Communist Party of India candidate from Uripok Assembly Constituency and was Medical Minister of Manipur for a while. Then after his Ministership ended he joined the Congress Party and was subsequently rewarded with the post of Chairman of the Manipur Public Service Commission. This was sometime in 1975-76.

Then rumours of him taking bribe money for appointments to the posts of the Manipur Civil and Police Services started making doing the rounds. And when the impeachment move against him began the former communist true to his habit of keeping all documents sent to him produced before the gentlemen in question who were out to remove him all the Demi Official Letters sent to him by all the Hon’ble Miniters recommending their wards to be appointed etc etc.But what sounded his death knell was when Sugnu Ibomcha former Member of the Proscribed People’s Liberation Army(PLA) and he was  attached to the H-Group headed by Nameirakpam Bisheswor then Chairman of the PLA. After his subsequent arrest  in his confessional statement had stated that he was the First Graduate from his village and it was the aspiration of all his fellow villagers that he becomes an Officer with the Manipur Government and and so they had all collected Rs.40,000 and had deposited with Meghachandra. But the post apparently went to a higher bidder and he was not selected. And hence he had decided to join the Underground namely the PLA. Ibomcha stood for elections and on the day of scrutiny he was summoned by a Major of the Indian Army and I alongwith Ashok Potsahnagbam former AG and Justice of the Gauhati High Court went along with Chongtham Bijoy current Spokesperson of the ruling BJP to see through his scrutiny. He subsequently got elected and became a Minister and subsequently passed away. And so was Moiranthem Meghachandra after being removed from the Chairmanship of the MPSC.

Then in 1974 -75 when the MPSC held their Civil Services Recruitment Examinations I was approached by a parent of an aggrieved candidate. Then I started digging into the files of the MPSC and to my horror discovered that whereas a candidate had only received 70 out of 300 and all that was done to put One (I) before the 70 to make it appear that the candidate had scored 170.And also when a Candidate had scored only 33 another reversed 3 was added before the original 33 to make it appear 83. I then published the score sheet of marks originally obtained and doctored marks and had published in a National Daily with which I was associated then. The whole examinations was subsequently quashed and the then Chairman of the MPSC Irengbam Bijoy resigned. Bijoy was an honorable man having served as the Law Secretary and like Rishang Keishing then Chief Minister was from Socialist background. And when Rishang wanted to have me arrested me because of my scathing reports I had told him “Tada your government is also not that clear so why get angry when someone points out your mistakes”. R.K.Thekho  who had earlier served the quit notice to the Kukis  as the President of the United Naga Council of Manipur was the other Member of the MPSC  and he had stayed put to his post.

Then came Lt. General Konsham Himalaya as the Chairman followed by another Lt. General Laiphrakpham Nishikanta Singh people with the utmost integrity and impeccable service records. But around 2017 rumors began afloat that the Manipur Combined Civil Services Examinations were not conducted in the fairest manner possible and a group of aspirants  via the Right to Information Act obtained copies of the  answer scripts which they had written for the examinations and found discrepancy in the manner of signatures etc .But they were no reports of doctoring  of marks secured .

Then the matter went before the Hon’ble Manipur High Court wherein Justice Kh.Nobin Singh had ordered an Inquiry to be conducted by two gentlemen. The first being Yumnam Jugindro Singh (IAS) Retired and former Secretary of the Manipur Public Service Commission and U Kol Singh former Sessions Judge of Manipur. They apparently conducted a thorough inquiry and submitted it to the Manipur High Court. The famous judgement passed by Jutsice Nobin and Justice Jamir was based quashing the 2016 MCSCC (Main)  examinations was based on this report.

But what the world and Justice Nobin and Jamir did not know was the fact that the children of both Jugindro and U Kol had appeared for the same examinations and had failed to clear through the Preliminary examinations .Information culled from the MPSC  have indicated that Yumnam Diana bearing roll Number 14283 and Yumnam Alfred Roll Number 18058 both children of Yumnam Jugindro Singh  had appeared and failed in their attempt to join the Manipur Civil Services. Also is the fact that Phuyam Rameshchandra son of Puyam Kol Singh aka U Kol Singh, Member of the inquiry committee. Now the question appears as to whether the parents whose children have not cleared the entrance tests to an examination to which they had sought can give a clear and unbiased report it is against all time established norms of natural justice.

And in the meantime selfstyled social scientists and spokesperson have appeared on the screen and also had appeared  and had heaped insults upon the selected  and also the fact had emerged that  the daughter of L. Jayanta Singh Hon’ble Law Minister also did not cleared the  Main Examinations hence his reluctance to depute a solicitor to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India when their review Petition  had come up f hearing.

Now the question remains that the selected but rejected candidates have put in time in India and abroad to come and serve in Manipur but now they have been made to appear as villains of a sinister game plan. Now the ball is in the court of the Chief Justice of the Manipur High Court as they have requested that Justice Nobin not be put in the Bench that will decide in the Review Petition that is being filed before his as his own niece was also a failed aspirant to the Manipur Civil Services Examinations 2016.

Let Natural Justice prevail, Your Lordship.

The writer is a senior journalist

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