MPP holds Kendra Leader’s Meet amidst leadership tussle

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Manipur People’s Party organised ‘Kendra Leader’s Meet’ which was attended by all the key Executive members, Party leaders and active workers from every assembly constituencies at Manipur Press Club on Friday.

Almost all the executive members, women wing leaders were represented at the meeting and they took their turn in condemning the nature of administration of O. Jugindro whom they accused of misuse of fund and participating in other activities against the welfare of the party during his tenure as a president.

Secretary General Administration Haobijam Geetajen Meitei put out a resolution after taking all the opinions into account of those party leaders and members present.

He made it clear that with the change in leadership of the party an open door has been put into place for the transparent process of taking in new enrollment of primary or active memberships from individuals having goals and objective common to the party. The intending members can now fill their forms online or by contacting the party office.

While responding to press media about the present internal conflict within the party, Haobijam Geetajen said that since the previous president has been removed from the party it is no more a matter of controversy or crisis. There is no need to argue further; instead the law will resolve the issue and serve justice, he stated. Every allegation made by O. Jugindro was baseless and there were no accompanied documents or physical proofs, he insisted. On the other hand, he claimed to have concrete evidences against the sacked party chief. 

He said that the meeting was mainly organised to strengthen the only regional political party in the state so that it can carry out its responsibilities and duties and put an end to all the years of disgrace, living under the control of New Delhi’s diktat, he said.

The party has start preparation of victory at the general election of 2022, Geetajen stated exuding confidence that the regional party will be able to form a government then.

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