MPCC demands investigation into Saturday’s hazardous exposure of crowd

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has demanded that the government of Manipur constitute an appropriate inquiry commission to investigate into Saturday’s hazardous exposure of crowds to high health risk, whne markets and shops in the state were opened in accordance with an official relaxation.

The MPCC press release further said that it is deeply disappointed with the government of Manipur for irresponsibly handling crowds at markets and shopping areas, completely exposing everyone to high risk of Covid-19 infection possibility.

Today, we witnessed a sudden burst of huge crowds at various markets and shopping places of Manipur jeopardising social distancing. The scenario upsets many people who are deeply concerned and worried by the spread of Covid-19 pandemic in the state and the importance of nation-wide Covid-19 lockdown. There was complete chaos and madness in the crowds, everybody ran hither and thither to buy their requirements, the statement read.

There was no government agency to guide or control the crowd in keeping with MHA Guidelines for Covid-19 lockdown. The whole crowd was thrown into high Covid-19 infection risk in the absence of social distancing and the concerned authorities appeared to be completely ill prepared and disorganized, the statement claimed.

The orders issued by state government directing shops and markets to open till 11.00 a.m. of today was in violation of MHA guidelines for citizens to follow during Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. The MHA Guidelines prohibits religio-cultural ceremonies. Regarding care to provide public shopping facilities, shops and markets could be asked to open in the manner similar to neighbouring Assam and others places like Delhi. Everybody is shocked to see what happened today and continue to ask what actually had gone wrong with the government policy to open markets and shops for a while in public interest. MPCC therefore demands strongly the constitution of an appropriate inquiry commission to investigate into today’s hazardous exposure of crowds to high health risk … and publish report at the earliest, to regain public confidence, said the statement.

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