MPCC appeals ATMs, petrol pumps be open daily

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has appealed the state government to instruct banks (including ATMs) and petrol pumps to remain open at least for few hours each day during the lockdown.

A press statement released by general secretary of administration, MPCC, Hareshwar Goshwami, stated that the closures of banks and petrol pumps are creating a challenge to the livelihood of the general public during the lockdown.

The release also mentioned that the guidelines on measures to be taken up by various governments during the 21 day lockdown issued by Ministry of Home Affairs on March 24 mandated that the states should see banks( including ATMs) and petrol pumps remain open during the 21 days Covid-19 lockdown, under its Para 4(b) and Para 4 (f).

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