Moyon Naga marks 100 yrs of Christianity

Moyon Naga marks 100 yrs of Christianity

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IMPHAL: Marking the 100 years of the people of Moyon Naga community embracing the Christian religion, the Moyon Naga Baptist Association (MYNBA) on Friday commemorated the Moyon Naga Christian Centennial Celebration in a grand festive manner.

Seeking the Almighty’s blessing with the hoisting of the Moyon Naga Baptist Association flag by the President of MYNBA Rev Benion Benhur Ngoruw and releasing of pigeons marked the opening ceremony of the centennial celebration. The celebration was hosted by the Kapaam Baptist Church in Chandel district.

As a continuation of the celebration, monuments were unveiled at MYNBA Campus, Penaching and at Kapaam Baptist Church campus by the family members of Moyon Christian pioneers besides releasing a souvenir by the chief of Kapaam Village Borpha Serbum.

Large numbers of the Moyon Naga living across the Chandel district thronged the celebration venue where various Spiritual and cultural programmes will continue to showcase for three long days. Executive secretary of MYNBA Koningthung Ngoruw while speaking as the dedication minister expressed proud feeling of all the Moyon Naga for getting the wisdom of education since the very early period with the adoption of Christianity since 1922.

He also informed that the Moyon Naga is one of the oldest tribes of Manipur and cited the article written by Meitei scholar Kulachandra which mentioned that the Moyon Naga have existed since the BC period.

Though Moyon Naga being a small population with roughly around 3,500, it has been giving a lot in the various welfare activities academically in the state besides spreading the ideology of Christianity, he added. He lastly conveyed the message of peace, unity and love among all the ethnic groups of Manipur to head towards a progressive society.

The celebration also witnessed various church leaders and prominent figures of the Moyon Naga community. It was also graced by Rev Dr Akheto Sema, General Secretary CBCNEI, Rev K Losii Mao, General Secretary MBC and Rev Dr Roel Philip Former President MYNBA as the main speakers of the event.

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