Monitoring non-Covid patients’ treatment starts

Monitoring non-Covid patients’ treatment starts

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Imphal: A special team of six students’ bodies including AMSU, DESAM, MSF, AIMS, KSA and SUK have started monitoring treatment of non-Covid diseases in different hospitals of the State.

On Saturday, the team launched the monitoring drive in three hospitals Imphal Hospital & Research Centre, Mother’s Care Children Hospital & Research Centre and Sky Hospital & Research Centre.

According to a joint press statement of the six students’ bodies, the monitoring drive is being conducted to review treatment of non-Covid diseases in major hospitals with the surge in positive cases forcing many patients and authorities of hospitals to face inevitable problems.

It claimed that during the drive, it could be known that proper treatment was not given to non-Covid patients thereby putting their lives in danger.

The statement claimed that only eight beds in the Intensive Care Unit, 30 oxygen cylinders and one ventilator were found in Imphal Hospital & Research Centre. There were no emergency services, however, OPD was found open on alternate days. Proper temperature screenings were done before giving treatment to non-Covid patients. Those patients tested positive for Covid19 were referred to Chief Medical Officer Imphal West, it said.

It also conveyed that treatment of non-Covid patients was found given by doctors, nurses and staff whose Covid test is being conducted weekly in Mother’s Care Children Hospital & Research Centre. ICUs of the hospital were properly established and oxygen cylinders were found in plenty, it added.

On the other hand, five ICUs with a ventilator and oxygen cylinder were found installed in Sky Hospital & Research Centre and Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) test for patients is being conducted before starting treatment.

Hailing the dedication and role of those doctors, nurses and other medical staff of the hospitals, the six students’ bodies appealed to the government to ensure that proper treatment is given non-Covid patients as well during the pandemic. The monitoring drive will continue in other hospitals in the State, it added.

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