MMWO questions government on status of Meitei Pangal

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Manipur Muslims’ Welfare Organization (MMWO) on Thursday questioned the state government on whether the Meitei Pangal (Manipuri Muslim), those belonging to Islam religion, is included among the religious minority.

The statement was said by vice-president of MMWO M.A Chesaba during a press meet held at its head office Minuthong Hafiz Hatta.

Addressing media persons, Chesaba said that Meitei Pangal (Manipuri Muslim) of Manipur, the largest minority community, are living more backward than Schedule Tribe (ST) and Schedule Caste (SC) in every segment and that their rights have been confiscated from time to time by the state government.

He further said that under the Prime Minister new 15 point programme which was taken up under the initiative of Central Government Ministry of Minorities Affairs for the development of the welfare of minorities community scheme namely, Multi-Sectoral Development Programme (MSDP) Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram (PMJVK), have been neglected in minority Meitei Pangal (Manipuri Muslim) concentrated area. All rights of minority Meitei Pangal (Manipuri Muslim) have been confiscated again by the present state government, said the M.A Chesaba.

Till now, under the scheme of MSDP and under its funding about 25 Sabhana Mandop has been constructed mostly in the area of major community instead of constructing in minority community concentrated area in different part of the state, Chesaba stated and lamented that the rights of the welfare of the minority community being confiscated is no more a new issue.

Were Meitei Pangal (Manipuri Muslim) community not included among the religious minority community declared by the government of India, Chesaba question and added that the organization strongly condemns confiscating the rights of the minority community which could help them develop socially, economically, physically and financially. The state government must made known to every people that in which concentrated area of minority community that the 25 Sabhana Mandop has been constructed, said the M.A Chesaba.

He appealed to the state government that the Meitei Pangal surviving in different blocks of districts be included in minority concentrate block. The BJP led government must interpret the true meaning of “Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas” if not stop shouting “Sab Ka sath sab ka vikas”, he said.

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