MMWO appeals for equal treatment of all patients in hospitals

TMB Report

The Manipur Muslim Welfare Organisation (MMWO) has appealed to the state government and health department to crack the whip on government and private hospitals so that they do not turn away patients and to provide admission to everyone seeking treatment including those from Thoubal district.

The refusal to admit patients from a particular district during the worrisome time of the pandemic is very unfortunate, president of the organization Abdullah Fundreimayum stated on Wednesday.

In a press statement Abdullah said that due to government and private hospitals reluctance to admit patients needing urgent medical intervention in coincidence with the recent sporadic increase in Covid-19 cases in multiple localities, the patients especially the financially weak ones have been facing untold suffering and precious lives were lost.

The press release showered appreciation to all the health workers carrying out action in the frontline and playing key roles to contain Covid-19 namely the doctors, nurses, paramedical staffs and others for their dedication and courage. “Everyone knows that the hospital and doctors exist to save the precious lives of patients and doctors are regarded as great warriors,” Abdullah mentioned in the note.

A few days back there was an incident of the death of a sick person as he could not receive much needed treatment in time as hospitals dithered from admitting him, said Abdullah Fundreimayum. Everyone knows that as of now a Covid-19 vaccine is yet to be invented and also the disease is rapidly spreading in the state. We all know that doctors and medical staffs are the intrepid heroes in the fight against Covid-19. When soldiers from China invaded Ladakh with the intention of a war not a single Indian army personnel retreated. A soldier is one who fights with his heart in the battle field. Similarly, everyone related to health service are the real soldiers who are prepared to protect us from different diseases. So, it is an appeal to all private hospitals and different government hospitals to provide medical care to all especially to patients from poor families during the testing time. Naturally, proper screening should be mandatory before their admission, asserted Abdullah Fundreimayum.

He also further appealed to the state government and health department to give specific instructions to all private and state run hospitals to accommodate all patients needing medical treatments.

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