MMSUUO wishes on Ramadan

TMB Report

IMPHAL: As the holy month of Ramadan 1441H Ramadhan will begin from April 24, 2020, Manipur Muslim Social Unification and Upliftment Organization (MMSUUO) HQ, has expressed its greetings and best wishes to all Manipuri Meitei Pangal (Muslims) throughout the State.

The press release of MMSUUO said that Ramadan is an important occasion of Islam. It is a month of faith for all Meitei-Pangal (Muslims) for 29-30 days. wholeheartedly devoted themselves in accordance with the principles of the Prophet Muhammad, including the diligent practice of fasting, refraining from eating and drinking from the first light of dawn till sunset as well as from any act that might adversely affect oneself and the society.

The act of fasting is a practice of perseverance and self-restraint which give strength to both body and mind. This would foster one’s awareness and understanding of the hardship of the less fortunate others, thus creating compassion and purifying one’s heart, MMSUUO thus wish to express to devout Muslims all over the world for such faithfulness and commitment.

The MMSUUO take the opportunity to wish our Muslim brothers every success in your noble endeavour during the sacred month of Ramadan, and hope that the results of such merits would lead to greater happiness, success and the fulfillment of your wishes, added Sheikh Ihshan Ahamed Secretary of MMSUUO H/Q in a press release.

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