MLAs must not forget that Local Area Development Fund is people’s account: CPI

TMB Report

IMPHAL: CPI Manipur State Council reacted strongly against few MLAs, who claimed to have used money from their own pocket for distribution of essential food items for their respective constituencies, reminding the MLAs not to forget that Local Area Development Fund is people’s account.

In a press release issued by Assistant Secretary M. Joykumar Luwang, the CPI remarked that an amount of Rs 25 lacs each have been sanctioned from Local Area Development Fund to meet every requirements and needs of people of their respective constituencies by their MLAs. But in Khurai A/C, Lamlai A/C and few others, the local MLAs have tried to mislead their own people by telling such lies that they will be distributing essentials food items and commodities from their own money.

CPI will not tolerate the complaint of certain people of Khurai A/C against distribution of reduced quantity of rice and essentials items, in contradiction to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regular announcement for distribution of 5/5 Kg of rice per head regardless of them being card holder or non- card holder. CPI Manipur State Council appealed the MLA of Khurai A/C to distribute the exact amount and quantity of essential products for all individuals right from 5 years of age for every household.  It also demanded a clarification on their statements verifying that the items were provided by the Central and State governments for the people, and not from their own pocket.

In an additional complaint, the people of Kamjong District are getting only 1.5 kg of rice each per head instead of 5 kg which was earmarked as per government directives and orders, CPI stated and appealed the government to reach out to every corner of the state whether hills or plain in such hours of grief and encountering of shortages of essential daily need items due to the effect of lockdown and curfew to fight against COVID-19 outbreak. If there is any report of wrongdoing during public distribution of ration, the people are requested to complain to members of CPI monitoring cell at any time, added the press release.

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